"Uh-Oh!" Adventures In Potty Training

Why am I even talking about potty training? I have a just-turned-two-year-old and a five-month-old baby. There's no way Rory is ready, and Shep certainly isn't old enough yet. Right? Right?

Wrong, apparently.

I am so not ready for this, but Shep has been showing loads of interest in potty training. Not even just interest - that's too neutral. He's showing initiative. Trust me, I am not the one encouraging this. I had just invested in more cloth diapers - expanding my stash to accommodate both Rory and Shep. But last week, Shep started sitting on his potty - and this time around he wasn't doing it just to get an M&M!

Shep also loves flushing toilets.

On Sunday, Shep started grunting. I asked if he needed to go poop, and he said yes. I took off his diaper to set him on the potty and found he had already pooped. Nice, kid. Real nice. I sighed and told him he should try to sit on the potty anyway - I think I was hoping that he would start associating the need to go with the toilet? I'm not sure. So off I went, to take care of the dirty diaper. When I helped Shep off the potty, I was kind of shocked to see that he had peed! Immediately, I started celebrating and giving him all sorts of praise. Then I had him help dump it into the toilet, he flushed, and he even waved goodbye as the water swirled. I giggled. Oh, little did I know.

Monday, Shep came to me again and said "pee". I quickly whipped off his diaper and plopped him on the potty. He again went on the potty - woohoo! But he didn't want to get up so I just went back to what I was doing. A few minutes later, the room started to smell. Oh, yeah. That little runt totally pooped on the potty! All on his own! Without prompting! We did the same flushing routine and went on with our day. A few hours later, he went pee again on the potty. Twice in one day! Whoa, nelly! Mama is not ready for this.

Oh, man. How did this day come so fast?

In a panic, I asked more experienced mom friends what I should be doing in this situation. They all affirmed that I just need to let him lead while he's leading. At the end of the day, Shep has to go through a specific developmental milestone before he'll be really able to potty train. Until that happens, my friends joked, the only training going on will be Shep training me to run him to the potty just so he can be rewarded.

Of course, I called my mother. She claimed that she potty trained all three of us by month fourteen. My eyes bulged out of my head in disbelief. I'm so not ready to have to do all this potty training work! I know if he pees in a diaper, I won't have to change his clothes or have him sitting in a wet carseat. He won't have any "accidents" because we've got that diaper insurance policy working for us.

I guess he's peering into the great unknown?

But alas, this isn't about what I want. It's about what Shep is telling me he wants and he's ready to take on. He might be ambitious, trying to train a bit earlier than the average kid, but I believe in him. I only doubt my own fortitude to be this bastion of consistency and routine. So - here we go! I never thought we'd be here so soon!!! Heck, if my kids train this early, I'd keep pooping 'em out. And yes. I mean to say poopin'.



When did your child potty train? Which books were most helpful to you? Did you use a specific method? I have no idea what I'm doing - HELP! @pi3sugarpi3

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