Advocate for Yourself and Your Baby in These 9 Ways

Yay, your baby has been born -- you are full of emotions and feel like you could never be happier. But don’t totally forget your logical thinking. Having a baby is not only having fun; now you are in charge of raising a sociable, skillful, and responsible person. And yes, while your baby is not speaking yet and has no idea about this world around him, you are the one who advocates for his needs and development.

So, do not rush to become a “super-mom” and check these 9 ways that would help you to fulfill your baby’s concerns most, as well as some of your own.

9 Communicate with Specialists

Communication is one of the most important issues in being human and baby raising. So, you as a parent must communicate and create tiny relationships with all specialists who are responsible for your baby. Even before your baby is born, you will face the gyne, who will be responsible for your pregnancy period and the primary development of your baby. Ask him questions and make dialogs about diet, sports, and health-care during your pregnancy period.

It is advisable to check a pediatrician, who will take care when your baby is born. Do not forget that you and the pediatrician will probably have a connection until your child becomes major, so choose the doctor very carefully. Ask for recommendations from your friends (maybe some of them work in medicine and can suggest a good specialist?).

You’re up, teach.

The same goes for choosing a teacher or a babysitter for your baby. It does not matter if your child is a kindergartner, pupil, or a baby who needs a babysitter just only for a few hours per week; the teacher (babysitter) must become your friend. Do not be shy -- ask even inconvenient questions responding to your child’s education. Maybe they will advise you with some tips on how to educate your baby while you are together at home, which would be incredibly helpful.

While raising a kid, sometimes parents face the problem of psychological issues. Sometimes it is good to communicate with children psychologists. They can help your kid to solve problems she might be struggling with. Ask him about some tips on how to talk with your child (this point is more relevant to teenager’s parents). That is how you can advocate in baby’s medical and educational care.

8 Be Up-to-Date

In becoming a parent, you must be up-to-date with all of the newest information about everything surrounding child development and the world she is developing in (not only parenting!). Everything means everything.

While your child is a baby, you will probably be searching for information about raising the kid: feeding tips, baby’s development steps, etc. When your baby becomes bigger, the information will be different, but you must always check the news about parenting and current lifestyles (you do not want to be the old-fashioned mom, do you?).

Learning from your peers can be uniquely helpful.

Enter some forums and share your thoughts and problems with other moms. They sometimes can give you more tips than any webpages (or at least ‘solve’ your problem faster by sharing their experiences). Buy some books and magazines about parenting and kid psychology and mark the most useful information in purpose to find it faster. A good advocate knows what she’s up against. But don’t feel overwhelmed – none of us could ever know everything anyway.

7 Know Your and Baby’s Rights

Sound very strict? But it is just NECESSARY to know your and your baby’s rights. You don’t need to study law or enter a university, but just check the main issues related to single moms, low-income families, large families, working moms, etc.

You can simply go to your town municipal and ask for the certain information that relates to your situation. Sometimes you can lose some benefits just by not knowing that you and your baby can receive them. You don’t need to be ashamed of asking– you are standing for your baby’s wellness, don’t forget that!

Knowing relevant legal rights can help you in many cases. When you face problems with some institutions, it is advisable to acquire all information before making decisions (search it on the internet or ask friends with legal education). It will help you to find the solution fast and advocate for your little, beautiful family.

6 Enter Some Lectures and Seminars

Knowledge is power. When advocating for your baby, it is best to collect as much information as you can get. Sometimes it is not enough just to check it on the internet. So, try to find lectures, seminars, or other courses about birth-giving, baby care, raising kids, etc. Some institutions organize such courses for free -- just find and enter!

The Greatest Things to Learn About

There will be mostly the newest information and issues, which you can use for your baby’s needs. Besides, while the lecturer speaks face-to-audience, you can ask certain questions and get a concrete answer. If some information seems important, just jot it down in your notes – you will probably forget it, but you always can find it in your notes easily.

Developing Mind and Body

Try to check some gyms for physical training sessions. You might be surprised finding out that most of them organize various training sessions for moms with babies (specified by child’s age). These trainings will be useful for your baby’s movement skills. It is possible that the first training might be free in purpose to attract more clients.

5 Connect with Others

Being parents means changes in your lives. Now you have to think twice (once for yourself and next for your baby, or the other way around). Do not forget to socialize with others. If it happens that you are the only one with kids among your friends, don’t panic. Just find some new friends with similarly aged kids or babies (the forums can help you – try local area. Or, simply start a conversation with a mom with a similarly aged baby in the park or walking area).

You can go for a walk together, share your experiences, and look after each other’s babies. But the most important matter is that you will help to develop your baby’s social skills and will find her first (and, maybe, best) friend from babyhood. So, in this way you will advocate for your own social life and that of baby’s.

4 Become a Friend to Your Baby

Yes, that’s right – be not only a parent, but the best friend for your kid as well. While he is baby, it seems natural – you are the most important person in your baby’s life; he is definitely dependent on you. But when your child grows bigger and starts thinking for himself, do not forget that the more well-set your relationship is, the easier it will be to advocate for your child.

By sharing her thoughts, doubts, secrets, and wishes with you, your child can help you to understand her better, fulfill her needs, give practical advice, and help to solve her problems. Knowing where your child is, with whom, and what your child is doing relieves your worries and directs you to better advocate for your kid.

3 Be Demanding

By saying be demanding, we mean not only to your baby. Of course, good parents hold high expectations for their children. But actually, you should be mostly demanding to others who are related to your child.

For example, doctors: ask them ALL questions about what you are interested in (do not be ashamed to look raw). Share ALL of your doubts (sometimes parents notice things the doctors do not see during the compulsory visit). Ask them to show ALL certificates and licenses (if you have doubts about their competences). Ask for ALL medical descriptions and explanations of vaccines (to know the potential benefits and possible side effects).

Be a little picky about almost everything.

Similar requirements should be approved in choosing the teacher or babysitter (licenses, recommendations, and certificates of competence and experience). You must not forget that you are the one who creates your kid’s life.

Be demanding for everything and everybody related to your kid – starting with the people around him, and finishing with the food he eats, toys what he plays with, and clothes he wears (just check if they are made from baby-friendly materials). When talking about your baby, being demanding doesn’t mean being rude, it means being a careful advocate for your kid!

2 Be Prepared for EVERYTHING

As in the court, real advocates (attorneys) must be ready for unexpected cases, questions, and situations, so you as a parent need to be prepared for every surprise the baby brings into your life.

That’s why it’s important to read and follow all news (be up-to-date, enter seminars, etc.), to communicate with others related to your baby (in purpose to know what is going on while you are not there), and to share the most important issues with others (get advice from other moms, your sisters, aunts, mom, and friends who have experience in raising kids).

Remaining Calm

Unfortunately, there is no way you can forecast what will happen to your baby. Moreover, there is no way to protect him and yourself from all problems. However, just being ready for even the most unexpected situation and trying to stay calm and find the best solution are great ways to support your little one. Knowing that provoking situations can occur in every life moment helps us to always stay ready and think widely to find out the best solution in any situation.

1 Always Listen to Your Kid

While raising a child, you will find tons of literature, advice columns, parenting models, and other methods with various kinds of “how and why” you should do “this or that.” There will be no one who can give you the right answer to all of your questions and needs except your baby.

Yes, that’s right -- even if he cannot speak, listen by your heart and you will hear what best is for him. All babies are different, all moms have particular views, and there is no one right solution to every problem, so just follow your heart, because you are the only one really knowing what your baby needs.

At your command, baby!

It will be most difficult in first month with your baby. After a while, you will learn how to recognize when he is hungry, tired, or wants some attention. Just watch your baby and you will understand what is the best and most suitable for her (no need to compare with other kids). So, being the advocate for your baby means knowing his thoughts from one look, so you know what to advocate for.

As all parents want the best for their toddlers, do not forget that there is a personality growing next to you. Of course, he needs to be taken care of, but remember that advocating for your baby will eventually turn into letting him advocate for himself.

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