After The Baby Arrives, These 20 Products Are Life-Changing

After having a baby, a new mom's to-do list consists of a few important activities: cuddle with their little one, visit with eager family and friends, and try to get some sleep (or at least some rest). She also wonders if she has all of the baby products that she needs or if it's time to order some more. If she visits with other moms, they're definitely going to enthusiastically and happily tell her what the best diaper rash cream, baby rattle, or rocking chair is. So even though she's already stocked up to be ready for the big day that her baby arrived, she still might wonder if she chose the best products.

There are many products that moms can thank for making life with a newborn much easier. Sure, a toy or certain type or brand of diaper can't make a baby stop crying or sleep for the eight hours at a time, but it can definitely help with this transition.

What are some products that moms would be super thankful to have while smiling at their baby boy or girl all day (and all night, too)? After the baby arrives, these 20 products are life-changing.

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20 Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling - by Cuddlebug

AKKO Fastener, Inc

A baby carrier is a life-saving product after the baby arrives. This baby carrier is awesome since it allows a new mom to stay close to her baby while being productive (or as productive as she can be since she's going to keep taking breaks from whatever she's doing to smile at her little one).

One mom shared in a review, "This product is a LIFESAVER," and another mom said, "So far this has been a game changer for me in parenting. I wish I had this product with my first child. It is very comfortable and [convenient] to use, works like a charm to keep my newborn cozy and happy while I get things done and he sleeps."

You can find the baby carrier here for $37.95

19 Honest Overnight Baby Diapers


Since changing a baby's diaper in the middle of the night is never going to be a super pleasant experience, moms want to find a great overnight diaper. Moms love Honest Overnight Baby Diapers because they get the job done really well. They're made of sustainable and hypoallergenic materials, too.

One mom wrote in her review, "These are lifesavers! No matter what brand I used for overnight diapers my baby always managed to leak through them by midnight and he would wake up crying. Honest overnight diapers last all through the night and keep him dry so he doesn't wake up to be changed in the middle of the night anymore. I ordered a size up just to be sure they fit (my child is 4 months old and 17lbs), and they work great. I will definitely be buying these for as long as I can!"

You can find the overnight diapers here for $23.27

18 Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger


The Bobby Newborn Hello Baby Lounger not only looks good (and would fit anyone's decor) but this product is a life-saver since it allows moms to do other things while their newborn lies in it. It also has a handle so moms can take it anywhere that they're going, whether they're traveling or heading to a friend or relative's house.

As one mom shared in a review, "I could literally not have survived becoming a mother without this product. Once I found out I was pregnant again, this was literally the first thing I purchased that's how much I love this product."

You can find the product here for $32.99

17 Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother


While a mom's beautiful singing voice can definitely calm her baby down and help them drift off to sleep, new moms always need a bit of help in this department. The Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother is a life-saving product after the baby arrives. The product helps babies calm down and sleep with a "real human voice."

Many moms have said that this worked like a charm for them. One mom wrote in a review, "Highly recommend to all new parents! It's a MUST HAVE. Just believe me. MUST HAVE. It's from the "Happiest baby on the block" author, and it works magic! MUST have, I repeat."

You can find the Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother here for $34.99

16 Electric Nail Clippers For Newborn Baby and Toddler by bblüv


This product is life-saving for new moms since it can be difficult to clip a baby's nails... and it's something that moms worry about a lot. These Electric Nail Clippers for Newborn Baby and Toddler by bblüv don't make any noise and moms can adjust the speed so they are totally in control.

One mom shared in a review, "I am so thankful I went ahead and got this nail trimmer. I have to admit, I was nervous about cutting my babies nails. No one ever showed me how to cut a babies fingernails. I was so worried about our baby making a quick movement. Or, even a hangnail might scratch him. Thankfully, I found this trimmer. This made the process of cutting our babies nails as smooth as a baby's... well... you know :)"

You can find the election nail clippers here for $34.99

15 Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Life with Luca

After a baby arrives, moms have to start thinking about tummy time. The Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror is a life-saving product because it helps make this process so much easier. This product helps a newborn with their development, from helping with their vision to their "curiosity." It has a mirror, a ball that spins around, and a ladybug.

A mom wrote in her review, "My 3-month-old HATES tummy time... This makes him last a little longer! Great product at a great price... Thanks!!" Another review says, "My daughter is obsessed with this mirror. When she was 2 months old she would do her tummy time and look at her self in it. Now that she is 5 months and more mobile, she will knock it down (because it is very easy to do) and play with the ladybug rolling rattle of chew on the bees crunchy wings while it is laying in her pack and play."

You can find the product here for $7.94

14 Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

via YouTube

When moms are putting together their list of baby products, some might be super sure that they want a nursing pillow and others might wonder if they can do without. Moms have shared that the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner has been so helpful, so it's definitely a great product for new moms.

One mom wrote in her review, "As a first-time (minimalist) mom I was certain I wouldn't 'need' this, and then finally kicked down and purchased it when my daughter was 6 months; we've used it every day since. If I had to do it all over again I definitely would've purchased this sooner, but somehow convinced myself I didn't need it." She also shared that if she had this product when her baby was under six months old, it would have helped with tummy time and "supporting my daughter in sitting up."

You can find the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner here for $29.84

13 Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Milk Pump


Moms definitely need a pump and finding a good one will be a total lifesaver after the baby arrives. This is a high-quality product that is BPA-free and even recommended by Chrissy Teigen. It can also be put in the dishwasher, which will make a new mom's life even easier.

Moms really love this product. One wrote in a review, "Over the first 24hrs of having this I’ve pulled over 10oz of ... milk! I can’t believe how well it works!" Another says, "I love the haakaa. It is a lifesaver for me, especially at night time. My little guy does not eat as heartily at night if he does in the day. While he feeds on one side I am able to collect on the other. I used to have to feed him, put him back to sleep and then pump. The haakaa lets me get back to sleep sooner which I love."

You can find the product here for $12.99

12 Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic - Adjustable Cotton Wearable Blanket

via:Nested Bean

The Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic - Adjustable Cotton Wearable Blanket is another life-saving product after the baby arrives. This is a "lightly weighted" cotton blanket made with non-toxic poly beads. It also has no toxins and is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

One mom shared in a review," I was honestly a little skeptical when I purchased this product. Our little girl was 2 months old and sleeping okay - waking up about 2-3 times a night and occasionally having a bad night where I would have to hold her, no joke, all night long... Oh my, it was night and day; and she was already a moderately good sleeper. The instant I put it on her she immediately calmed down and just chilled. What?? We've had this sleep sack for about a month and she's only waking up once a night, if at all."

You can see the product here for $37.99

11 Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns


It's important to find a baby shampoo that meets a new mom's needs. If she finds that her baby is getting a rash on their head called "cradle cap", then she needs this baby shampoo which would be a lifesaver. Moms love this product because it helps with that.

One mom wrote, "These 2 photos were taken almost 8 weeks apart. We used the shampoo 3-4x a week (at most). It did wonders to clear up the cradle cap. My first had the cradle cap for over a year. Wish we had known about this shampoo then!" Another mom raved about it, "I only had to use this stuff once, and it cleared up my boy cradle cap instantly. The next wash I did on his hair it was completely gone. A great product equals a happy mommy!!!"

You can see the baby shampoo here for $12.50

10 Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

After the baby arrives, a new mom is going to stay home for a little while. But once she's ready to go for some walks, she needs a carrier, and this product has gotten great reviews from moms. It can be washed in the machine and since it's a "4-in-1 convertible carrier" it can be used multiple ways.

One mom shared in a review, "I'm taking my 2-week-old around the neighborhood in this carrier and she fits well into it, with a small hack. Unlike some other carriers, you do not need an infant insert with this Infantino. The straps tighten enough to offer good support for a newborn at the back and neck."

You can see it here for $29.69

9 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling'n Seat Tub


After the baby arrives, moms also want to start thinking about bath time for their little one. The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub will be a lifesaver because it helps with this experience. It comes with a whale scoop and squeeze bottle, plus a mesh sling, and a "baby stopper" so babies will stay safely in the tub.

One mom shared that she uses it in her sink, and she wrote in her review, "Finally, the perfect tub for my baby. I originally purchased The First Years, Sure Comfort Tub and absolutely hated it. My newborn daughter was constantly slipping down into the water and the tub also pressed into her back, marking her up. I finally purchased this when she was about 3 months old. I should have done it much, much sooner. This tub is amazing. I have been using it for almost 5 months now."

You can find it here for $37.99

8 Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set


The Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set is a lifesaver for new moms since it has five bottles in various sizes, plus a brush and two nipples.

One mom wrote in a review, "This is an excellent newborn/starter set, complete with everything required for growing with your infant’s feeding needs. The extras are also a bonus: bottle brush for cleaning, pacifiers, and travel caps. The bottles are made with BPA-free plastic, and the 'natural' style nipples seem to more closely resemble the shape and contour of [the area], which should help with the transitioning between [nursing] and bottle feeding. Even better, there’s a built-in colic reducing feature, making this a truly well-balanced bottle style."

You can see the product here for $26.99

7 Baby Head Shaping Pillow by Bliss n' Baby


After the baby arrives, new moms also want to find a pillow that will make sure that flat head syndrome doesn't occur. This product is made of organic cotton and moms have shared that this product works really well. One said that it helped with her baby's acid reflux.

One review says, "My brother and sister-in-law recently introduced a beautiful baby boy into the world, so I felt it was only right to get them this head shaping pillow. They loved it, no surprises there. It was nice to see the little one sleep soundly when I came over to visit. I was at my brother’s place for about 2 hours, and my nephew was still counting sheep as I walked out the door."

You can see the Baby Head Shaping Pillow here for $16.95

6 Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel by San Francisco Baby


When moms are looking for a towel for their newborn, they definitely want to find a higher-quality product. The Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel by San Francisco Baby is a great pick. This product is hypoallergenic and made of organic bamboo.

One mom said in a review, "I am a first-time mom so I have been looking for a soft hooded baby bath towel for my baby boy. This one is exactly what I was looking for. It's a unisex bamboo towel so it can be for a boy or girl. This organic towel is bigger than I thought it would be so that's a plus. I can't say enough how much I love this baby hooded towel. It would make a great baby shower gift too. I would highly recommend this hooded baby towel to any new mom. You will not be disappointed!"

You can find the towel here for $19.88

5 Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas, Blue/Orange

via:Toys - Fashion

After the baby arrives, moms want to find a rattle, and this product is lifesaving since it helps babies develop. The Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas come in blue and orange, green and yellow, and a few different color options that will appeal to both moms and babies.

One mom shared in a review, "Nice toys for my baby boy. Now at 4 months, he's learning to grab things with his hands so I use these rattles to make him practice his grabbing skills." Another parent wrote, "These are perfect for a baby’s first rattle. My daughter is 15-weeks old and doesn’t know how to shake a rattle yet, but she can easily grab it."

You can see it here for $6.99

4 Johnson's CottonTouch Newborn Baby Face and Body Lotion


This is another life-changing product for moms after the baby arrives. It works well if newborns have some skin sensitivity. Moms love this product because it's not greasy and it works really well. It's also an affordable price.

One mom shared in a review, "Smells great, moisturizes skin quickly and doesn’t leave a weird residue. It hasn’t caused my baby to have a reaction either. I love it and plan on continuing to use this as my primary moisturizer for baby." Another mom shared that they use this product, too: "Moisture and comfortable for baby’s sensitive skin. As an adult, I also like to use this product."

You can see it here for $7.92

3 Baby Bandana Drool Bibs and Teething toys Made with 100% Organic Cotton by Vuminbox

Little Unicorn

After the baby arrives, moms also want to find a great quality teething bib. These teething bibs are designed for babies between three to 24 months, which is great since moms can use them for a really long time. They come in fun, colorful patterns, too.

One grandma shared in a review, "We have to have droll bibs on our granddaughter at ALL TIMES!!! And these ones are great! I noticed last week that CeCi was putting the point of one of her drool bibs in her mouth and when I saw these I had to buy them." A parent shared in their review, "I have a 4.5-month-old son and he just started the not so fun process of teething so he's definitely drooling more than he was a month ago. These bibs are so cute, stylish, and amazingly soft....and I mean really soft."

You can find the teething bibs here for $15.98

2 Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Geo Diamonds


The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is another lifesaving product after the baby arrives. It's designed for babies to hang out and even eat in, and it includes a toy bar and "two bat-at toys." It comes in a few different patterns such as Geo Diamonds, Geo Triangles, and Floral Confetti.

One mom shared in a review, "My newborn sleeps all day on this! I love it." Another mom was also happy with it (and her baby was, too): "We love this chair. Our four-month-old does too. He can sit up in it, lay down and play. It rocks and vibrates so that is a big plus."

You can see the product here for $36.42

1 Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano


Moms also want to think about toys, and the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym seems like a lot of fun. This product is great because babies can use them at different ages and as they get older. Moms can also wash the mat in the machine. There's a piano and the keyboard lights up, which babies will enjoy, and moms can also use this for tummy time. There is also a rattle in the shape of a lion, a teething toy in the shape of an elephant, a 'crinkle panda,' a mirror, and "monkey cymbal clackers."

One mom shared, "My 3-month-old daughter has grown to LOVE this piano mat! She was only 2 months when we first tried it out and she was stimulated by the hanging toys, but now she can lay there for 20-30 minutes just kicking away! She is teething so she tries to bring the toys to her mouth. I like that I can hang lots of different toys to mix it up, and the songs are ADORABLE!"

You can see it here $39.99

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