New AI Tool Will Help Parents Know Why Their Baby Is Crying

Scientists have developed a new tool that can differentiate between different baby cries and determine what it is that's making them upset.

Pretty much every parent will have been in a situation where their little one will not stop crying. You've fed them, changed them, attempted to rock them back to sleep, but nothing will soothe them. Not only can it be incredibly frustrating, but it can also be pretty worrying too. The longer they cry, the more time you have to think of every little thing that could possibly be wrong.

Believe it or not, your baby is sort of trying to tell you what's wrong via the way it's crying. Trouble is we're obviously not trained to decipher different baby distress noises, and even if we were, the differences between them are far too subtle. However, scientists have employed the help of artificial intelligence to do that for us and hence make our lives a lot easier, reports Interesting Engineering.

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The most basic function of the AI tool is to first distinguish whether a baby's cry is a regular one or a distressed one. Babies cry all the time, and on most of those occasions, it is simply due to them being hungry or sleepy. However, even though every baby's cry is unique, it will also be able to distinguish what they need on a much more specific level as apparently, certain baby cries share many similarities.

The AI uses an algorithm that is typically used for speech recognition. It combines that with something commonly referred to as compressed sensing. This method of recording is used for picking up sounds in noisy environments, aka where a baby is most likely to be crying. Once it has picked up the baby's cry, the algorithm will dictate whether it is critical or non-critical.

The AI is still currently in its early stages, but the future looks bright. The ultimate goal of the researchers is to aid the health of babies around the world. However, the mental well being of parents is also at the forefront of the research. Not knowing how to help your baby is a horrible feeling, but this tech could be a giant step forward in helping parents in that arena.


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