Airline Tells Mom To Breastfeed Baby In Airplane Lavatory And Obvious Backlash Ensues

A mother wanting to fly on Air Canada was told that she needed to nurse her child in the airplane's lavatory.

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Stephanie VandenBerg called Air Canada because she was trying to arrange a flight. When she called she told the airlines worker on the phone that she would be traveling with an infant. The airlines worker promptly told Stephanie that if she needed to breastfeed her child while on the flight she would need to take her infant into the plane lavatory. Of course, Stephanie was not very excited about having to breastfeed her child where people are going to the bathroom. Stephanie told the airlines worker that she didn't feel comfortable feeding her child into the airplane lavatory and the worker suggested she speak with their medical service line.

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Stephanie was completely outraged by the airlines. Apparently, according to Air Canada's policy, women are not supposed to feed their baby in front of the other passengers. Mothers are instructed to feed their babies in the lavatory. This was the policy that the airline's worker told Stephanie. Stephanie took to Twitter to share her experience.

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Stephanie's tweet quickly gained a lot of attention, she had over 15,000 likes and nearly 3,000 shares. Most of the comments were from people just as outraged and completely shocked as Stephanie. How could this be happening in 2019?  Many of the comments were talking about how we are supposed to encourage mothers in their breastfeeding journey. We shouldn't be sending them into the bathroom. One comment mentioned that any of the passengers could eat their meals in the lavatory if they would like, but the baby would not be joining them.

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We are still in shock by the "policy" from this airline.  Did they really want this mom to take her child into a bathroom to eat lunch? Do they really tell moms to nurse their babies in the lavatory?  That seems like the weirdest thing! This mom should be encouraged to breastfeed her child and her infant should be able to eat out with the rest of the passengers. Hopefully, Air Canada starts modernizing their policy and begins to make nursing mothers feel more welcomed on their airlines.

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