Alabama Boy Born On 9/11 At Exactly 9:11 A.M.

As America sadly commemorated the tragedy of 9/11 on Tuesday, a mother in Mobile, Alabama was celebrating the arrival of a son.

Baby Jaxson was born on September 11th at 9:11 a.m. Yes, Jaxson's entry into the world was a 9/11 double whammy and a heartfelt reminder that life does indeed go on, even after the last tears surrounding the deaths of nearly 3,000 people 17 years ago had been wiped away.

Mother Alexia Simmons was reportedly nervous about giving birth on September 11, a date most Americans would rather forget. She started getting labor pains on Monday night and was quickly checked into Mobile Infirmary. While Alexia thought Jaxson would be born sometime around noon, the pains started getting worse which prompted workers in the ward to summon her doctor.

But the delivery process was going far more quickly than anticipated. Luckily, another doctor was around to help with the birth, which took place at the infamous time.

“I didn’t even know the exact time the baby was born, I was just here doing what needed to be done at that point in time,” said Dr. Randy Bentley, who rushed in to deliver the child. “I thought that was an awful interesting coincidence that that would occur.”

“I got a phone call from the labor room, telling me to come and catch the baby,” added Dr. Ted Catranis, Alexia's physician. “I came over and by that time I heard the baby screaming down the hallway.”

Jaxson is the second child for Alexia Simmons, who already has a boy. And as both mother and son are reportedly doing well, she can hardly wait for Jaxson to unite with her older brother. Still, she can't help but ponder over the timing of her baby's birth, reasoning that despite the coincidence with 9/11, it's definitely something to be joyous about.

“This used to be a day of tragedy, but now it’s a day that he came into the world, so what better gift,” Simmons said.

How Jaxson will deal with the stigma of being born on an anniversary of the day when terrorists hijacked passenger planes to down both World Trade Centers and damage the Pentagon remains to be seen. It has certainly given a lot of 9/11 babies a lot to think about.


Pennsylvania resident Logan Williams, who was one of 13,238 babies born on September 11, 2001, was mystified over the coincidence as a child. "I started to wonder why every time it was my birthday, I always saw planes flying on television," said the teen, who hopes his birthday will also serve as a living reminder of the dark spot in America's history.

Olivia Brooks, who was born in Kentucky within hours of the last World Trade Center collapsing, had a lot of her questions about the event for her parents while growing up, especially father Warren, a soldier who was deployed to Iran more than a year after her birth. At first, she felt bad about the victims who perished when she was born but has since come to terms with the event.

“Now when I celebrate my birthday, I try not to think of the terrible things that happened but of all the good things that came out of it,” Olivia said. “Like how we came together as a nation to try get over it and how people were so ready to help each other.”


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