Alabama Mom Charged With Murder After Leaving Baby In Car For 8 Hours To Go "Dumpster Diving"

Trigger: Child death.

Drug addiction affects more people than you may think. It affects young and old, male and female, rich and poor, you name it. Plain and simple, drug addiction doesn't discriminate, regardless of the drug that's being abused. But when it's a parent suffering from drug addiction, they're not just hurting themselves- they may also hurt their children without ever intending to in the first place.

In Alabama, 36-year-old Elizabeth Ann Case has been charged with murder after having kept her 13-month-old son locked in her car for 8 hours to go "dumpster diving". According to police, Case was a known drug user (it's unknown what drug exactly), and was even out on bond for a "First-Degree Robbery Charge". Despite this legal trouble, Case just couldn't stay out of trouble- and this charge proves to be her most serious.

Police say that this past Friday at about 10PM local time, Case brought her unidentified son along with her while she went "dumpster diving" in both Limestone and Madison counties. She kept her baby buckled in a front-facing car seat that wasn't strapped inside the vehicle. Case made it home by about 5:40AM the next day before going to bed- all while her child was left in her locked car.

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Police go on to say that by about 1:30PM that day, the baby's grandmother- who remains unnamed- came over to Case's house to visit him. But when she couldn't find her grandson, she had to wake up his mother in order to figure out where he could've gone. The pair eventually discovered the baby's lifeless body inside Case's car. Case dragged her son inside her home and put in the shower while the grandmother called 911. Instead of waiting for an ambulance, they drove to meet with local police at a recreation center. The boy was later declared dead at Athens-Limestone Hospital.

As tragic as this incident is, it's caused many people to question how or why Case still had custody of her son despite her current drug abuse and criminal past. Despite many news outlets trying to reach out to the Limestone County Department of Human Resources for answers, they have yet to respond. So it's unclear if Case was ever at risk of losing custody of her son or not.

As mentioned before, Case has been arrested and charged with murder in the untimely death of her boy. Her bond has been set for $250 000 USD, and she currently remains in jail. Our thoughts are with her grandmother and surviving family for the loss of the 13-month-old baby.

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