Alabama Woman Charged With Manslaughter After Being Shot In The Stomach & Miscarrying Following Altercation

A pregnant woman got shot in the stomach and miscarried her baby. She is now being charged with manslaughter.

Marshae Jones was five months pregnant on December 4, 2018. Jones claimed that she was outside Dollar General when she got into a fight with 23-year-old Ebony Jemison. They were arguing with each other over the baby's father.  Then Jemison grabbed a gun and shot Jones right in the stomach. Although Jones was able to survive the shooting, her child did not. Jones sadly had a miscarriage.

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Jemison was charged and she was sent to trial. However, the grand jury failed to indict her. The chargers were dropped. Jemison was found to have shot Jones in self-defense. The fingers were immediately pointed at Jones. She was the one being charged for the manslaughter of the baby. On Wednesday, Jones was sent to the grand jury and she was found guilty of manslaughter. The jury believed that Jones was the one that started the fight. Investigators found that the altercations that broke out was started by Jones and it lead to a gun being involved and ultimately her actions caused Jemison to shoot Jones which led to the death of the baby.

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According to the police reports the two women work at the same company. They had been fighting for a while back and forth over the father of the baby.  After work on December 4, Jones was driving in a car when she saw Jemison outside of Dollar General. She jumped out of the car and approached Jemison as if to attack her. Jemison grabbed the pistol from her purse and tried to fire a warning shot, but since Jones was running at her she accidentally shot her in the stomach.

So now, Jones has been indicted and charged with manslaughter of her own unborn child who was actually killed by another person. This whole entire thing is crazy! We understand that she probably shouldn't have jumped out to attack the woman, but she lost her baby and now is being charged with manslaughter.

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