9 Ways Aldi Proves They Understand Mom Life

As a mom of two toddlers, grocery shopping is a nightmare. In fact, I’m so over it I have just started using pickup services instead! If my choice is a low blood sugar moment or taking the kids into Target by myself...I’ll just sit down before I pass out. Even though supermarkets want parents to spend lots of money on their children, they do a bad job of making it easy. One grocery store actively tries to be different: Aldi. Aldi is like that mom who gifted you something mundane and unappealing - breast pump parts - but she’s actually a genius because those pump parts totally saved your butt. It may not look very pretty, but Aldi gets it right in all the ways that really matter to moms.

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Just The Basics

Aldi is not Amazon, people! If you’re looking for a specific type of Tupperware, don’t go looking at Aldi. You might find an option for food storage containers, but it’s unlikely you’ll find more than one brand or more than a few styles. Moms everywhere rejoice - fewer choices mean your kids spend less time begging for everything on the shelves. AND the smaller selection means you don’t waste your time pushing a cart up and down the aisles for miles!

Fancy Treats

Everyone who frequents Aldi knows the best deals are in the limited specialty items. In fact, some of the specialty or seasonal items are so popular they sell out within hours! The “limited time” section is where I find brand name foods at a discount. I’ve also discovered treats that are a bit more “fancy” than your average fare. Once I even made a whole charcuterie tray from Aldi finds in the specialty refrigerator section! Moms needs snacks, too.

Cheap Wine

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Speaking of mommy’s snacks...Aldi totally nailed this one! Like it’s cousin Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck”, Aldi is famous for carrying affordable wines. Most of them are legitimately tasty and any one of them will get you drunk. Because it’s so inexpensive, Aldi gives moms the chance to try new types of wine without the fear of wasting their money. If you end up with a wine you don’t love, just use it in your cooking! Or invite over a mom friend and drink it after you already drank a good bottle.

Double Stroller Seats

Do I even have to explain this one? I have never been to another store that has DOUBLE seats in their stroller. This small innovation is a GAMECHANGER for moms of multiples or moms of two under two. Dead serious: I have refused to go anywhere but Aldi at times when I couldn’t possibly carry the kids another step. Why isn’t this standard in all grocery stores?

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Speedy Service

Did you know Aldi cashiers are expected to scan at least 50 items per minute? That explains why they’re so fast to move yours through the checkout line. My two toddlers delay me enough in a given day, so I really appreciate the efficiency of the checkout line. It’s nice to see someone do their best to make my life a little bit easier by respecting my time. Bravo, Aldi!

Their Cashiers Stay Seated

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Speaking of making life a bit easier: Aldi just gets it! I’m much happier to support a store that doesn’t physically grind their workers into pulp. Standing in place for eight hours is absolutely awful for your body! Aldi checkouts have the fastest cashiers in the west - and they do it while seated. This tired mom is glad to see someone getting off their feet!

Diapers That Work

My mother-in-law used Aldi diapers when her kids were little and I’ve gladly carried on that tradition. While we cloth diaper most of the time, we use disposable diapers from time to time. In my experience, Aldi diapers work better than the Walmart brand of diapers! They contain poop and can hold up to overnights. And they’re less than $5 per pack - $3.99 in my local store!

Take & Bake Pizza

Friday Pizza Night will never be the same! Aldi’s Take & Bake pizzas are not only affordable ($5 for a huge pizza!), they are also tasty! It’s such a relief to know my favorite store also carries cheesy stuffed-crust pizzas that are ready in less than 20 minutes.

Aldi has proven time and time again it’s the best grocery store for moms. What other ways have they won you over? Share with me on Twitter @BabyGaga.

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