YouTuber Alex Cloutier Of Dear Greyson Shamed For Breastfeeding In Public

Popular YouTuber Alex Cloutier of the channel Dear Greyson was livid after being shamed for breastfeeding in public.

The incident occurred while she was filming a vlog where she and Megan Journey of Journey With Jax went shopping for supplies for the latter's name reveal. The two hit up Home Goods, Target, and eventually Bed Bath and Beyond, and it's the last location that caused a problem.

According to Cloutier, they found a majority of what they needed at that location, but things went sideways when her baby, August, needed a diaper change. So, the young mom took her baby to the bathroom to clean him up. Yet, we all know it's never that simple when it comes to babies, and that was proven true when the little one spit-up all over himself. Like most babies, this meant that he was pretty hungry after the whole ordeal, so Cloutier took him out of the bathroom where there was a bench and she breastfed him. That's when an employee got involved.

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"I exclusively breastfeed..." Cloutier says in her video, adding August doesn't feed when she tries to cover. "...an employee was going to the restroom and she saw that I was breastfeeding, and she walked up to me and told me that I need to go inside the restroom."

According to Cloutier, the employee told her that the stalls in the restroom would give her more privacy. She refused to comply, however, saying that she wouldn't ask anyone to eat in a public bathroom where there are people around excreting bodily waste, so she wouldn't subject her baby to those conditions either. On top of all that, she says there are no laws in her location that prevent her from breastfeeding in public.

As far as store policy is concerned, the company doesn't appear to have a stance on breastfeeding in-store either. So, if that's the case, this could be a situation of one employee trying to enforce personal views, which could cause issues for that worker if a complaint was filed.

The right to breastfeed is an important one because it does have benefits for a child. According to Cleveland Clinic, breastfed babies have stronger immune systems, fewer stomach issues, fewer reportorial issues, and there are not as many cases of sudden infant death syndrome, among other things.


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