US Soccer Star Alex Morgan Will Play In 2020 Olympics 4 Months After Giving Birth

US Olympic soccer player Alex Morgan already has her mind made up that she will play in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo only four months after giving birth to her daughter.

Morgan doesn't want to miss out on the newborn phase of her baby, so she plans on taking her daughter wherever she goes. Morgan said. "I plan to follow in those footsteps and be one of those women who have a family and carry my daughter around as I'm going to the next city to play. And I still want to continue to enjoy the sport that I've been playing for all my life." Although her dedication to her family and her sport are commendable, hopefully, she has thought about how to deal with the exhaustion and stress that comes with becoming a new parent.

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The other women Morgan mentioned in her interview are fellow athletes such as Allyson Felix and Serena Williams. Since delivering her baby, Felix has broken records in track and field. She has even surpassed Usain Bolt in the number of World Champion medals. Williams has qualified for the same tournaments she played before her pregnancy. She has not won a title just yet, but she's not giving up.

Morgan has been playing soccer since she was 14. She helped her club soccer teams win tournaments and she received a number of awards for her accomplishments in sports. She attended UC Berkeley and played for the California Golden Bears. Since living in California, she was draft picked to New York in 2011, traded to Seattle in 2012, then Portland in 2013, and lastly to Orlando in 2016. She helped win the Olympic Games London in 2012 and the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015 and 2019.  In 2017, she signed a temporary contract with France’s Lyon team. Lyon offered to continue the contract after 12 months, but Morgan declined.

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Whether Morgan has a vaginal delivery or a C-section could change her recovery time and what she is allowed to do as far as exercising. Most OBGYN’s allow mothers to exercise shortly after a vaginal delivery. C-section deliveries require longer recovery times and the mothers must wait until their incision site has fully healed before doing strenuous exercise. Though C-sections surgeries have improved throughout the years to be as uncomplicated as possible, it is still major surgery. Hopefully, Morgan won’t need one and can get back on the field when she wants.

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