"Alexa" Is Losing Ground As A Popular Baby Name

At one time, Alexa was one of the most popular baby names around, first appearing in the top 1,000 US baby names in 1973. While it had a strong run, it became insanely popular in 2015 - the same year that Amazon launched the Echo. While it might have helped the Greek name initially, it looks like the connection to Amazon is now doing more harm than good.


For the past few years, the name Alexa has become synonymous with Amazon's Echo devices. The devices are manned by a computer program that is activated when it's addressed, enabling users to ask it all manner of stupid questions, such as "Alexa, why am I single?" or more commonly, "Alexa, play my favorite playlist". We all know that names used in popular culture can illicit teasing from merciless children in many forms, so it could be that parents are being put off for fear of their little ones being ordered around.

Sounds like Alexa might have lost her voice, but who could possibly replace her?

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Recently, there has been a resurgence in classic and biblical names rising to the top of the charts to take the crown. Last year, Liam, Noah and William were the most popular boys names, while Emma, Olivia and Ava came out on top for girls. In 2016, parents favored Jackson, Aiden and Lucas as well as Sophia, Emma and Ava. In 2015, Alexa came in at a respectable 32nd place on the list, having been in the top 100 for decades. While other names are gaining popularity, the name (which is the female form of Alexander, meaning helper and defender of mankind) has dropped out of the top 100 completely, barely hanging on to its position of 130.

It just goes to show that while our helpful smart device Alexa might have all of the answers, parents don't see them in a positive enough light to pass on the name to their kids IRL.

Could it be that we're so sick of seeing celebrities plugging Amazon's devices that it's turned the world off of the name Alexa forever, or is it just another trend that will come full circle? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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