Family Has Alligator Chomp Juice-Filled Watermelon For Gender Reveal

Let's face it, while the hubbub surrounding Princess William and Princess Kate's forthcoming baby seems to have enough sensationalist clout to keep devotees in suspense, the actual reveal of the baby's birth including name, gender, length and weight is a pretty staid affair. You know, classic Brit stiff upper lip stuff, or what folks on this side of the pond call... OK, as boring as boiled meat.

On the other hand, when it comes to unveiling the vitals surrounding a new arrival, the good folks of Ponchatoula, Louisiana have that part nailed down pat.

More specifically, alligator expert and Cajun Country tour guide Mike Kliebert adds an element of danger to the proceedings that involves his favorite reptile. Kliebert, better known to locals as T-Mike the Gator King, pries open the jaws of his favorite scaly creature and them plops a watermelon about the size of a bowling ball between those sawtoothed rows of death. A quick release of the jaws and then chomp! The pressure of the jaws clamping down on Kliebert's customized orb results in a cascade of goo from the gator's mouth. If it's blue, then the baby's a boy.

The gator-style dispatch is a lively step up from what families normally do, like celebrating with a cake, which certainly if mutilated orally by an alligator wouldn't have the same cachet as a watermelon. Then there's the question mark over how pastry sits in an alligator's diet.

Furthermore, it's not likely this display of colossal crunch would sit well with the upper crust over in Limeyland. Too bad, since the most novel way the Brits have employed announcement vehicles that dramatic has been via town crier, right down to the handbell and buckled shoes.


It certainly ranks up there with how other folks announce the gender of their forthcoming arrivals. Some families like to toss either blue or pink glitter into the air, hoping that none of those particles hit the eyes of spectators gathered for the occasion. Another enterprising couple created an oven costume complete with a window for others to see inside whether the baby will be a boy or girl. And some really brave dads get into the act by cross-dressing in an outfit that's either pink or blue.

But William and Kate getting in on those racy reveals? Nah... although hubby could compromise with the appropriate tartan shade. That said, such a move would hardly take a bite out of how it's done in Louisiana.

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