This Family Used Their Pet Alligator To Reveal The Gender of Baby No. 10

We have seen some unique ways in which parents have revealed the gender of their baby, but bringing a pet alligator into the mix is a new one on us.

We're not entirely sure when it became a thing, but for many prospective parents, the gender reveal of their upcoming arrival is a big part of their pregnancy. The longer it continues to be something moms and dads like to do, the more creative people have been getting with it. Cutting into a cake to reveal whether it is pink or blue inside isn't enough for some people anymore.

We have seen people dressed as giant babies battling in the middle of the street, athletes utilizing their skills in some way to reveal their baby's gender, and even a gender reveal lasagna. That last one is definitely something we can get on board with. Sometimes parents' pets get involved, and rightly so. We imagine that being a dog or a cat though, not an alligator.

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The Childs-Wrights of Florida have a pet alligator, so why not include the reptile in their newest baby's gender reveal? This will be baby number ten for the family which begs the question, how did they reveal the genders of babies one through nine? We're assuming they didn't get Amos to pop a balloon with his many sharp teeth every single time.

As you can see in the clip above, courtesy of Fox KTVU, it at least doesn't look as if Amos has popped a balloon before. Chad extends a balloon on the end of a stick toward Amos and the alligator takes a few bites before successfully popping it to reveal a puff of pink powder. That's right, the tenth Childs-Wright baby is going to be a girl.

What astounds us about the whole gender reveal is how comfortable Chad and his pregnant wife Stacie are around Amos the alligator. Granted, we aren't exactly alligator people and we imagine the Floridian couple very much is. We mean, you'd have to be to have one the size of Amos as a pet and include him in your pregnancy journey.


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