10 Alluring Baby Names That Mean “Lucky”

It’s so important that parents pick the perfect name for their baby. After all, a person’s name is usually the first thing we learn about them. We only get one chance to make a first impression so be sure to settle on a moniker that will give your son or daughter a positive start to life.

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We’ve compiled a collection of names that will ensure your child has good luck wherever they go. These options are so upbeat and happy, no one will be able to resist their charm. Please enjoy this list of 10 alluring baby names that mean "lucky".

10 Dalia

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Dalia is an exotic name that means luck. This one was inspired by mythology as Dalia is the goddess of fate in Lithuania. We love the story behind this one and think it would be so cute for a little girl. This version is an alternative to the more common spelling, Dahlia.

It hasn’t seen too much action on the charts so it’s a unique option that hasn’t been overused. According to Names.org, Dalia was most popular in the year 1994 when 515 babies were registered under this title. A little girl named Dalia will lead a fortunate and blessed life, for sure.

9 Edward

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The name Edward may feel a bit retro but it’s actually a very auspicious name. It’s a regal moniker that has been used by the English royalty for generations. Although, it was thrust into the spotlight thanks to the dreamy vampire, Edward Cullen, from the Twilight series.

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Since the popular films were released, the name saw a huge surge on the charts. Edward is an English name that means wealthy guardian, which sounds pretty lucky in our book. Masculine, stately, and bold, Edward is one of those names that just seems to stand the test of time.

8 Felicity

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If you’re looking for a name for your daughter that will give her a good start in life then you will adore Felicity. This dreamy moniker is a “virtue name”. More and more parents are opting to give their babies names with deep meanings and this one totally fits the bill.

Felicity is a Latin name that means good fortune or happy. You can’t get much luckier than that! This one entered the charts in the 1930s and gained a bit of popularity in 1999, thanks to the television series of the same name. Cheerful, sweet, and ladylike, Felicity is perfection.

7 Victor

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Victor is a name that just seems influential. Your son will feel like a winner with a moniker as powerful as this one. It may have a vintage vibe but Victor is finding his way back into favor around the world. It’s an ambitious title that is just waiting to have a resurgence.

Victor is a Latin name that means victor. We love how straight-forward this one is and think that any little boy would be proud to be given this name. It’s totally fitting for parents who are seeking to give their kid a lucky name.

6 Beatrice

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If you hope to give your daughter an uplifting name then look no further than the name Beatrice. This upbeat moniker will make everyone smile when they meet her. It’s a bit old-fashioned but could be modernized with the alternative spelling, Beatrix. Names that contain the letter “x” are super trendy right now.

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Beatrice is a Latin name that means she who is happy or blessed. We love the optimistic meaning behind this one and think that a little girl given the name Beatrice will lead a sweet and charmed life, for sure. You’d be wise to underline this one.

5 Felix

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Expectant parents put a lot of research into finding possible baby names for their little ones. If you’re feeling inspired to give your son a name that means lucky, then you’ve got to consider the name Felix. We think this one is too cute to omit from this list.

Felix is a Latin name that means happy and fortunate, which makes it the ultimate option. It’s been around for decades but has seen a bump on the charts thanks to hipster parents claiming it as their own. Peppy, spirited, and fun, Felix is a boy that everyone wants to be around.

4 Evangeline

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Evangeline is a sophisticated name with a charming meaning. This dainty moniker would be suited for a joyful little girl. You might remember it being used in the Disney film, The Princess and the Frog. It has a romantic feel to it that is just lovely.

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It’s a Greek name that means bearer of good news. How adorable and optimistic is that? Evangeline is one of those names that is distinctive enough to make your daughter shine brighter than the rest of the kids. It’s not only a pretty name but it also has an undeniable depth to it.

3 Fausto

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Fausto is a masculine name that would be awesome for a little boy. This one has an international flair that makes it feel different and exciting. Not only does it sound dramatic but it has a very advantageous meaning as well.

It’s a Spanish name that means fortunate one. Your son will feel like a champion with a name like this one. It entered the charts in 1915 and hasn’t really been a top pick by parents. We think that it’s an untapped resource that’s just waiting to be snatched up. Why not claim Fausto as your own?

2 Cricket

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Looking for a quirky name for your daughter that will bring her fortune and glory? Cricket is a lively option as crickets are a symbol of luck in many cultures around the world. We love how sassy this one is and think you’d be wise to consider it.

It’s a nature-inspired name, which is very on-trend and current these days. One famous person who chose this one is actress Busy Phillips who bestowed it upon her daughter. It’s just unique enough without feeling too weird. Chirpy, sweet, and bold, a little girl named Cricket will surely know how to have fun.

1 Asher

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Religious parents will love the Biblical name, Asher. This Old Testament name has been around for ages and somehow manages to stay popular. It often finds a place on various name lists and we think that it totally earned a spot in this collection thanks to its amazing meaning.

Asher is a Hebrew name that means blessed, fortunate, happy one. It entered the charts in 1913 and didn’t see much action until it saw a huge spike in 2017. Don’t forget about the dashing nickname, Ash. This one is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down.

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