Amanda Seyfried Gives Advice On Introducing Dogs And Babies

Amanda Seyfried recently gave new parents some great advice on introducing dogs and babies. She used her own personal experience in the hopes of helping others make this very important introduction.

The Mama Mia: Here We Go Again star became a first time mother last March when she welcomed her daughter, whose name she will not reveal to the public. However, she has been a pet mama for over eight years to her dog Finn. She loves him unconditionally and he helps her raise awareness about shelter animals in need of loving homes. The two have been inseparable since the first day she saw him on the set of Big Love.

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When her due date got closer, the actress knew she needed to find just the right way to introduce Finn to the baby. She actually followed some great advice she got from a friend and is now sharing it with her fans.

“You just take the hat home from the hospital, the one that they put on the baby after it’s born, and then you bring the hat home for like a day or two before the baby comes home and you just leave it by the dog and let him sniff it. It was the best we could do. It was hard. It’s an interesting transition for everybody but it worked,” Seyfried shared in an interview with People magazine.

Although her daughter is still a little too small for Finn to play with, the family is getting closer each day. Now she is teaching her little girl how to be gentle with her four-legged best friend.

“We taught her ‘gentle’ since she was born and she always goes over and pats him, and she looks over at us, and pats him more. And he lets her and sometimes he rolls over. If you teach children to be gentle with these animals, they’re not going to feel so protective and intimidated. Because it’s something that is unpredictable, so it’s a good way to have a safe give and take," she shared.


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Parents always struggle with how to properly introduce their beloved pets to their new babies. Amanda Seyfried’s advice to use the baby’s hat is really good and appears to have worked wonders for her family. She also shares it is important to make sure your dog knows he or she is still loved and a precious part of the family despite the new addition.

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