Amanda Seyfried Explains That Claire Holt Is Not Alone In Her Struggle With Breastfeeding

Amanda Seyfried shares with Claire Holt that every mother goes through the same struggles!

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Breastfeeding is very difficult. Mothers don't know how tough being a breastfeeding mother is until they have a new little one. Claire Holt recently had a new baby. Holt shares that she never thought she would experience all of the emotions she has experienced since becoming a mother. Holt shares a picture with her Instagram followers of her son resting on her shoulder with visible tears in her eyes. She confessed that she was struggling with pain and exhaustion. She then says that motherhood is a mixture between "self-doubt and bliss." Her confession was a raw moment that most all of us mothers can relate to.

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Fellow celebrity mom, Amanda Seyfried, shares that she is not alone. She shouldn't feel like she is in this together. Seyfried made it a point to share with Holt that every mother feels that way. Breastfeeding for all mothers is difficult, exhausting and often painful. Not one mother becomes a mother and knows exactly what she is doing.

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All mothers have to deal with having self-doubt. We are constantly wondering if we are doing the right thing and if we are raising our children the way were are supposed to be raising them. It is a constant circle of being completely in love with our offspring and then being completely lost! After Holt reached out to her followers on Instagram she got a lot of support from many of other mothers. Many mothers gave her advice about how to get through the newborn stages and learning how to breastfeed. One mother said that she took "2 days off" and decided to just pump and dump, so she could get some sleep. It is important to do what works for you and as long as your child is fed you shouldn't have any guilt.


One mother shared and said that being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding journey! Women do not know how hard being a mother is until they become a mother. There are no amount of books that can help you fully understand what it will be like to have bleeding nipples because your child won't latch properly. Nothing can prepare you for the intense exhaustion you will feel when your baby wakes up every two hours to suck you dry! Always remember that you are not alone and all mothers have gone through the same struggles!

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Keep up the good work Claire Holt! You are doing amazing! You are a beautiful and an amazing mother!

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