This Amazon Product Is Specifically Designed For Pregnant Women Who Can't Shave Their Legs

If you have ever been heavily pregnant, then you probably know the struggle of shaving legs you can't even see over that massively beautiful bump. Whether you gave up on shaving altogether, you traded hair for nicks and cuts, or you recruited some help, pregnancy definitely made (or is making) shaving become more of a nuisance than usual. Well, the days of begging your husband or partner to shave those furry legs just so you can semi-feel like your old self again are over.

Introducing the UltraFlexx Handle. It not only makes shaving easier, but it also puts less strain on your back and hips by doing all of the extending for you! Made from stainless steel, this product is roughly 20" long and works with any disposable or reusable razor. What's great about this product is that it's made of good quality material (not plastic!), so the chances of it breaking are pretty slim.

Via popsugar.com


Popsugar says that "in addition to pregnant women, the $20 product is especially useful for those with small showers or someone with back pain or an injury". Many customers complimented its efficacy when it came to recovering from surgery as well, though one customer reminded users that you still may need some help putting on the shaving cream.

As per the product description, there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the UltraFlexx Handle and it takes some getting used to but once you do, there will be no stopping the smoothness! Best of all, when you're finished with it, your husband or partner can use it too (perhaps to get rid of that unwanted back hair). It's versatile and can easily be shared!

The UltraFlexx Handle is not only good during pregnancy, but after pregnancy as well. Overall, it makes shaving that much easier (especially if you're taller) with or without the baby bump. One 5-star reviewer on Amazon.com says, "I had spent much more on similar aids, but this is the best! It puts all others to shame and it is so simple. Don't be put off by the price or its humble appearance; it does the job". To check out this product or to learn more about it, click here.

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