Amber Portwood Files Motion To Stop Ex From Moving Out Of State With Their Son

Things are really getting heated between Amber Portwood and her ex Andrew Glennon, as she has filed a motion to prevent him from moving out of the state with their son.

BabyGaga previously reported that Teen Mom stars Amber and Andrew broke up after she was arrested for domestic assault against him. Andrew claims she came at him with a machete while their infant son, James, was in his arms, amongst various things. She has been charged with three felonies. Shortly after, Andrew filed a notice of intent to move with James from Indiana to California, where he previously lived before moving to be with Amber.

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However, Amber has officially replied to Andrew’s notice of intent by filing her own motion, which will try and prevent Andrew from moving with James. Her motion argues that, since Andrew has lived in Indiana for two years and had a child during that time, he should be required to stay put in the state (or at least not take the child).

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Although Andrew claims he primarily wants to move for work reasons, Amber’s complaints calls his reasoning “disingenuous.” She claims he’s been earning money as a day trader, which he can do from anywhere. Prior to meeting Amber, however, Andrew was working in production. The two met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition while she was a contestant and he was a backstage employee.

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Since news of their break-up made headlines in summer, Andrew and Amber have been taking jabs at each other on social media. Andrew has accused her of doing drugs and being abusive, while Amber has suggested he was unfaithful, which he denies. More recently, during an Instagram Live session, Amber made it clear she had no plans to reunite with Andrew.

“I’m doing good. I am happy and healthy,” she told her followers. “I’ve lost a lot of weight though, but I’m so happy and healthy. Even though I’m going through a really hard time, I still help people…I’m staying strong for sure.” She added, “Keep praying, some people need more prayer than me, that’s for sure…I am thinking about my kids at night. I don’t know about others. I’m not out partying at night. I’m thinking about my kids.”

Amber also made it clear she was single and not looking to mingle (yet). “I am definitely moving forward,” she explained. “I just think I need to find a Midwest boy and stay single for a bit.”

However, the former teen mom said she hasn’t given up on romance. “I think I am a sucker for love and romance. I think things can be misconstrued when cameras are on people and I think I am very trusting of people. I trust very easily. I’m a sucker for love.”

Amber also shares 10-year old daughter Leah with her ex-fiancée Gary Shirley, who has primary custody of their daughter. At the moment, it appears Amber only has supervised visits with her son James. BabyGaga will keep you updated as this story progresses.

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