Amber Rose Announces Pregnancy With Second Baby

Amber Rose shares that her and her boyfriend are pregnant and they are going to be expecting a baby boy! They seem pretty excited!

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Amber Rose, is a celebrity who has literally put her name in almost everything. She is a  model, actress, designer and New York Times best-selling author. She did all of this all by herself and she built it from complete scratch. Rose is truly an inspiration for those little girls who have a dream to make it big.

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Rose shares some really exciting news with us about her personal life and it seems like she is completely stoked. Rose and her Def Jam Records exec boyfriend Alexander Edwards are expecting their first baby together! They also figured out that their little bun is going to be little boy.


Rose happily announced about her new beautiful little baby boy by showing a picture of her getting an ultrasound. She was pretty excited to share the news. She tells everybody that her success and status are very intimidating to guys, so she is glad that she found somebody that is par with her.  Edwards shares his excitement about the boy too and says that he is excited to "thug it out with his son." Rose also has a 6 year old son that she shares with her ex, Wiz Khalifa. Her six year old son's name is Sebastian. Sebastian is very excited to be an an older brother and Rose said that he was stoked to figure out that the baby was going to be a little boy!

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The couple has been dating since October and they are both shocked, but excited about this baby! They are pretty excited for a few months when the little one joins them in this world. We just want to say congratulation to the couple on their new baby boy. We hope that mom has a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy!


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