American Baby Born On September 11 At 9:11 Weighs 9lb 11oz

A beautiful little American baby was born on September 11 at 9:11. She weighed 9lbs and 11 oz.

Americans will never forget September 11. The day that the United States was hit by a terrorist attack will forever be in our memories. The vision of the twin towers engulfed in flames and the horrific feeling we had when we watched the towers fall to the ground will never leave our minds. Although the attack on the country was devastating and almost felt like a terrible dream rather than reality, it brought us all together. The country came together to support, love and to encourage others. Many people say that we should never forget the way that we all felt on September 12 because it was the moment that we all put our differences aside and went hand-in-hand!

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A very rare situation happened this year on September 11 that brought two American parents a little bit of peace. A great miracle was born on a day that has been seen to only be about destruction. Christina Brown was born on September 11 and she was perfect and beautiful. She was born via c-section and is healthy and wonderful. Not only was sweet Christina born on September 11, but she was born at 9:11. And it gets even weirder, the little girl weighed 9 lbs and 11 oz. The coincidence is so very rare and the parents are extremely blessed to have a little girl.


"We heard the doctor announce the time of birth 9/11 and then when they weighed Christina, we heard gasps of astonishment when everyone realized Christina weighed 9/11, was born at 9:11 and on 9/11," said father Justin Brown. The whole room was just astonished and they were all almost speechless. Christina's mother said that it was amazing to have such a beautiful miracle to help them remember that even through tradegy there is joy.

Rachel Laughlin, head of women's services at the hospital said such a coincidence was extremely rare. "I've worked in women's services for over 35 years, and I've never seen a baby's birth date, time of birth, and weight all be matching numbers," she said. Little Christina was obviously meant to come on that date, at that time and weighing that much. It was a simple reminder that even through the bad, good things can happen. Christina's parents shared that they will be excited to share the significance of her birth when she gets older and is able to appreciate the coincidence.

Congratulations you guys on your little miracle.

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