American Idol Contestant Brings Her Mom And Donor Egg Mom To Audition

American Idol contestant brings her mother and her donor mother to her American Idol audition.


American Idol's auditions quickly became a tear jerker when one of the contestant, Elizabeth Gaba (who goes by GABA), brought both of her mother's into her audition. No, it's not what you think. One of the women, her mother who raised her, and then also her biological donor mother. Gaba spent her whole life with her mother, but always knew that she had a biological mother "somewhere out there" and when she turned 18 she decided to try to find her.

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Gaba found her donor mother, Amy, and Amy has turned into one of her best friends. Amy promised herself that she would never look for "her daughter" so she was over the moon excited that Gaba went and found her. It turns out that Gaba inherited Amy's ability to sing. During the American Idol performance it wasn't the singing that brought the judges to tears, but the duet that Gaba and her donor mother sang at the piano. Harry Connick Jr. responded with, "aww I want two mom's." And then Katy Perry said, "I need to call my mommy."


During Gaba's audition she was ambitious and took on an Adele song called "All I Ask" and the judges thought she had a "nice" voice and they inevitably told her that she was "Going to Hollywood" but it was definitely her story that made the most impact. It was learned that Amy decided to sell her egg, because she was trying to pay for college. She was part of an Acapella group called SoCal VoCals and it is the same exact vocal group that Gaba is part of right now during her college experience.

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Gaba's mom is so grateful for Amy and providing her with Gaba. She is also so excited that Gaba was able to find Amy, because Amy is Gaba's genes. It has been a wonderful experience for all three women and we wish them the best of luck! Also, GOOD LUCK IN HOLLYWOOD GABA!

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