This Is The Amount Of Weight You Should Gain During Pregnancy

How much weight should women gain during pregnancy?

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When women get pregnant they often wonder how much weight they are supposed to gain. Some women are often under the impression that it is okay to gain a lot of weight, because they are carrying a child. Some women still believe that they are supposed to be eating double the calories, because they are "eating for two." The question remains, how much weight should pregnant women gain during pregnancy?

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There is a healthy weight for women to gain during pregnancy. Most women should stick to their target weight to make sure that they are remaining healthy. When women are gaining too much weight during their pregnancy it can lead to multiple health risks during pregnancy. It is important for women to not gain too much weight too quickly, or they might deal with complications that can lead to harm for them or their body.

The amount of weight that you should be gaining during your pregnancy is based on your height to weight ratio before you become pregnant. If you are 5 feet tall: underweight = less than 102 pounds, normal weight = 102-132 pounds, overweight = 133-147 pounds and obese = More than 148 pounds.  If you are 5'2: underweight =  less than 107 pounds, normal weight = 107-141 pounds, overweight = 142-157 pounds, obese = more than 158 pounds. If your height is 5' 4" : underweight = less than 116 pounds, normal weight = 116-152 pounds, overweight = 153-170 pounds, obese = more than 171 pounds. If your height is 5'6": underweight = less than 123 pounds, normal = 123-161 pounds, overweight = 162-180 pounds, obese = more than 181 pounds. Finally, if you are 5'10": underweight: = less than 138 pounds, normal weight = 138-181 pounds, overweight = 182-202 pounds, obese = more than 203 pounds.  Once you figure out where your staring height and weight begins then you can figure out what your weight gain should be during pregnancy.

If you are carrying one baby and you are underweight then you should gain around 28 - 40 pounds. If you are normal weight then your pregnancy weight should be 25-35 pounds. Overweight women should gain about 15-25 pounds. Finally, obese women should only gain about 11-20 pounds during pregnancy. For those women who are carrying twins if they are underweight they should gain about 50-62 pounds during pregnancy. Normal weight women should gain about 37 - 54 pounds. Women who are overweight should gain 31 - 50 pounds. Finally, women who are obese should gain about 25 - 422 pounds during pregnancy.

These weight gain suggestions are based upon mothers having babies that weigh 7-8 pounds. So, naturally if you were to have bigger babies then you might gain a little bit more weight than what is suggested.

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