Amy Schumer Announces She's Named Her Son 'Gene Attell Fischer' (And We Don't Know How To Feel)

Amy Schumer announces that she has named her new baby boy Gene Attell Fischel.

On Monday Amy Schumer revealed that she and her husband, Chris Fischel, delivered their first child! They announced that their child was a baby boy and we were so excited for her. Schumer had announced that she gave birth at about 10 p.m "last night." We were all very excited about the couple and even more intrigued that her birth came very shortly after that of the royal couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. At the beginning of Schumer's pregnancy, she had predicted that she was going to give birth at the same time at the royal couple. So, Schumer's predictions were absolutely correct.

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The only thing missing was a name for the little boy! Schumer announced the name of her sweet little boy by posting to Instagram a picture of Chris holding his baby and Schumer telling all of her fans to say hello to "Gene Attell Fischer" and our hearts dropped. Schumer is a comedian, so it's a joke right? Only time will tell if they actually named their son Gene Attell, or if it's just another one of her pranks. The name seems just fine until you say it a couple of times and realize that it sounds almost exactly like the word "genital".


Schumer commented right before she delivered that she had been pregnant forever. Anybody who has been pregnant can sympathize with this way of thinking because the last month of pregnancy feels like 10 months long. We all get the feeling of pregnancy being a "long time." Schumer had joked with her fans saying, "it must be annoying to you all" that she was still pregnant. However, the next post that Schumer sent to her fans was revealing that she had given birth. So, apparently, pregnancy doesn't last forever. It comes to an end ladies (even if it doesn't feel like that some days).

We believe that Schumer felt like she had such a long pregnancy because her's was definitely more difficult than the average pregnancy. She struggled with severe HG her entire pregnancy which made it so she threw up for the majority of her journey. She had been hospitalized multiple times to get fluids due to dehydration. Schumer even had to cancel the rest of her comedy tour because she was so sick that her doctor wouldn't even clear her to fly! Most people would hate their pregnancy if they threw up their entire time! We were certainly happy for Schumer to deliver because not only did she not have to be pregnant anymore but then she also got a super awesome kid that she named...Gene Attell.

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