Amy Schumer Cancels Comedy Tour After Severe Pregnancy Complications

Amy Schumer is so sick during her pregnancy that she ended up having to cancel her comedy tour.


Amy Schumer and her husband announced their first pregnancy in October 2018. She is a comedian and so obviously she announced her pregnancy in a comical way. She photo-shopped her and her husband's faces onto Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's faces. Meghan was clearly pregnant and so her fans figured out that she was most likely pregnant. She confirmed her pregnancy and everybody was so excited. However, her pregnancy has not been easy.

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Amy Schumer has been dealing with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) for her entire pregnancy and it has become so bad that she has had to take many trips to the hospital to help her with her vomiting and dehydration. Now that she is in her third trimester and her Hypermesis has been so terrible that her doctors did not want to clear her to fly. Amy Schumer ended up having to cancel the remainder of her tour dates.


Hypermesis goes way beyond the typical term of "morning sickness." Women who have Hypermesis Gravidarym deal with severe nausea and vomiting regularly with their pregnancy. Most women with this illness will throw up every day and when they are not throwing up, they feel like they will throw up. The majority of women who have HG will have to go to the hospital a couple of times throughout their pregnancy due to dehydration. They will need liquids as well as medicine to stop throwing up.

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Schumer was very upset that she had to cancel the rest of the tour. She was sad that she was going to be letting down her fans and she knew that canceling her shows meant she would lose out on a lot of money as well. She said she loves her fans and money, but she loves her baby way more. She assured her fans that her and her baby are healthy, but they will not be going on any planes. Amy admitted that she was throwing up several times a day and that car rides make her unbelievably ill.  The doctors determined it was not safe for her to continue her tour due to the risk it poses on her body and her baby. Amy only has a couple more weeks left of her pregnancy! You are almost there Schumer!

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