Amy Schumer Mom-Shamed For Returning To Work

Amy Schumer gets mom shamed for returning to work and she laughs back at them.

We love Amy Schumer. We loved watching her pregnancy because she was one of the few celebrities who would share the realities of being pregnant. Pregnancy isn't always beautiful. It can be filled with tears, sweat, lots of vomit and then throw in some acid reflux. Schumer had a tough pregnancy and she shared with us throughout her 9 months about her struggles. Schumer was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). HG is when pregnant women are very sick. Their sickness goes way beyond the typical "morning sickness" and has women throwing up multiple times throughout the day. Many women with HG lose weight or have to be hospitalized throughout their pregnancy. Schumer shared that she threw up her entire pregnancy. At the end of her pregnancy, she even had to cancel the rest of her comedy tour, because she wasn't cleared to fly due to her sickness.

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When Schumer gave birth we were so excited to see pictures of her little baby, but then we were also very excited for her to not have to be sick anymore. Schumer has seemed to be recovering quite nicely and shared a picture on Instagram that she is already back at work. She just gave birth 14 days ago, but she wanted to get back on the stage. And instead of being happy for her, jealous mom-shamers decided to hate on her decision to return to work so quickly after having a baby.

One rather harsh commenter responded with, "Jesus, Amy. Let the stitches dissolve first," user @janierock tweeted, while @tcjackson2015 added: "Like, I can still smell your placenta...take a damn break." We aren't quite sure why these women can't just be happy for Schumer that she is on stage doing what she loves. She hasn't been able to do her stand up for a while. Let her live people! It's not like she is running a marathon! Many other commenters wrote to Amy about how she should have given herself 6 weeks and even one person called her "inhumane." Amy responded to her haters by saying, "I have always wanted to be mom-shame." Oh, how we love you, Amy!

Amy, you are awesome! You are literally just standing up there on a stage being funny! Were you doing push-ups, and jumping jacks or something? Even if you were, how does that affect anybody else? Welcome to the world of being mom-shamed. Ignore the haters and continue being awesome! You look gorgeous by the way!

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