Amy Schumer Announces That She Is Expecting Her First Baby

Comedian Amy Schumer is pregnant with her first child.

In keeping with her unique way of making announcements, Schumer used her friend and journalist Jessica Yellin's Instagram page to share the news that she is pregnant. The Trainwreck star is passionate about voting in the upcoming elections, as is Yellin. Therefore, it was perfect that Schumer's baby announcement was the last piece of information among a list of all of the Democratic candidates running in the upcoming election.

Via Jessica Yellin/Instagram

The 37-year-old mom to be decided to forgo the baby bump photo on her own Instagram page. Instead, she photoshopped her face, as well as her husband and baby daddy Chris Fischer's face on a recent picture of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Unless you live in a bubble, you know that Harry and Meghan are also expecting their first child. Schumer's announcement comes one week after the Royal baby news, which means both babies are due around the same time next spring. Schumer also shared the original photo of the Royal couple, just in case people did not understand her joke.

It has been quite the year for the funny woman. She shocked fans last February by marrying Fischer after only dating for a few months. Her film I Feel Pretty was a huge box office hit, but it did cause a significant amount of backlash for the message the film sent to women.

Plus, Schumer has become an advocate for women, people of color, victims of sexual assault and so much more. She is basically helping promote human decency through her signature comedic style.

She may be pregnant, but Amy Schumer has not lost her funny sense of humor. Since news broke not only has she joked about competing with Meghan Markle throughout their pregnancies, she also joked about her husband being the father. Earlier today, she used Instagram stories to compare herself to Markle, jokingly of course, and so the real side of pregnancy.

There is no doubt the comedian will continue to bless fans with her hilarious words of wisdom throughout her pregnancy. Can you imagine what she is going to have to say about childbirth? At least Schumer is keeping her comedic style; she is going to need it.

Congrats to Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer who will be parents for the first time next spring.


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