Amy Schumer Just Called Parenting "Nuts" (Yet She Still Recommends It)

Amy Schumer admits that even though parenting is one of the toughest jobs she’s ever had, she still recommends it to her family members, friends and of course, fans. The Hollywood actress recently called parenting “nuts” but says that it’s still something that she wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. Schumer and her husband Chris Fisher welcomed their adorable son Gene back on May 5.

Even though Schumer has a great support system of friends and family who have been helping her every step of the way, she admits that parenting can still be a little crazy at times. As a matter of fact, she shared a list of things that she recommends these days with New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino. According to People Magazine, at the top of her list is parenting, which she says has been incredibly fun so far.

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Schumer says, “I want to recommend being a parent if you can. It’s nuts.”

This doesn’t surprise many of Schumer’s fans, as the blonde beauty has been very candid about her postpartum life and parenting ever since she gave birth to little Gene. She has shared plenty of not-so-glamorous photos of herself adjusting to her new life as a mom and even said that nothing can really prepare a mom for childbirth and the period after, which is often referred to as the fourth trimester.

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With that said, it does look like Schumer and Fisher are adjusting to their new life as parents pretty well. The actress posted a photo of the couple finishing off a 90-minute workout session of volleyball at the local gym. When a fan commented that she’s looking great, Schumer replied that she is loving her new “warm, soft” postpartum body.

Amy Schumer has also made it no secret that she has been taking her time at the gym and has been focusing more on being a hands-on mom to Gene than trying to get her pre-baby body back as most celebrity moms of her caliber usually do. Even though Schumer did hit the stage for a night of standup comedy shortly after Gene’s birth, she has been mostly at home enjoying her new life with Fisher and their family of three.

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