Amy Schumer Shares Funny Photo Of The Aftermath Of Giving Baby Gene His First Bath

Amy Schumer hilariously shows the after photo of giving her little baby his first bath.

We anxiously waited for Amy Schumer to deliver her sweet little baby boy! We knew that she would make us laugh through her child's life just like she had us laughing through her pregnancy. She has been a mother for a little over two weeks and she has not disappointed us at all! Schumer is under some criticism for her choice to return to work. Only 14 days after delivering her son Gene, she did a stand-up show. So many haters mom-shamed her for her decision to return to work. People were commenting on how she certainly shouldn't have returned to work so early. One commenter even went as far as to call her decision, "inhumane." Schumer responded beautifully with a picture of her pumping the next day. She wanted to send love to all of those mom-shamers. She also said, "I have always wanted to be mom-shamed."

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Recently Schumer and her husband shared a picture of them right after giving their son his very first bath. After seeing their after photo it appears that the bath didn't go as smoothly as the couple had intended. Both of them are wet. She captioned her photo, "first bath no problem."


We have loved following Amy throughout her pregnancy and her first few weeks as being a mother. Amy suffered a lot through her pregnancy. She never held back the struggles she was facing and she was quite honest about her complications. She was very sick throughout her entire pregnancy and found herself in the hospital multiple times due to dehydration. Part of her tour was canceled due to her doctors not clearing her to fly. She certainly struggled, but she somehow had us laughing along the way.

We are excited to continue to watch Amy grow as a mother and to watch her raise her sweet little baby boy. She is somebody that makes all of her posts completely relatable. Although she is a celebrity she is struggling with the same type of issues that all of us mothers have to deal with. We are so glad that Amy has been able to heal so well after giving birth and that she was able to return work. We love you Amy and we are excited to follow you more!

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