Amy Schumer Talks About Feeling "Afraid" To Return To Work After Having Son Gene

Amy Schumer shares that she had a tough time returning to work when her son was 3 months old.

Amy Schumer wrote an Instagram post sharing that her son Gene is now 5 months old. She said that she loves her son so much that it hurts. She knows that other moms feel the same way she does and she is so grateful for her son. She said that even though she is a mother she still feels like she is a human. She still has her own interests and her own goals. Schumer says that she still has goals and ambitions that she is very excited to reach. Being a mother doesn't just take out our own interests.

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Schumer admits that she had a really tough time going back to work when her son was three months old. She said that she missed him so much when she left and she worries about him so much. In the first few days, she said that she cried a lot because she missed him during the day. Although she misses him she knows that working makes her a better mom. She said that she gets to recharge every single day and that allows her to be a better person when she gets home and then she treasures her time more when she is with him. She admitted that she is very lucky in her situation and then she asked her followers how their experience was returning to work.

Amy Schumer received a lot of mom-shaming when she decided to do a comedy show when her son was only two weeks old. She did a show and many people were saying that she should "probably let the stitches heal first" and they said that it wasn't very smart of her to go back on the stage when she had just delivered her son. She was already being mom-shamed and he had only been a mother for less than a month! She shared a photo of herself tired and pumping the next morning to show people that she really is trying her best to be the perfect mom.  We don't know why people had such a big problem with her standing up on a stage and saying a few jokes, it's not like she ran a marathon!

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