Amy Schumer Thanks Doula After A Difficult Pregnancy And Birth

On Sunday, May 5, comedian Amy Schumer, 37, and husband Chris Fischer, 39, welcomed a little baby boy into the world. At 10:55 pm, baby Gene Attell Fischer was born marking the end of a difficult pregnancy for Schumer. Soon after delivery, the comedian reached out on social media to thank everyone who helped her throughout her pregnancy and delivery, including her doula, Domino Kirke.

Schumer suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a condition that occurs during pregnancy in which nausea and vomiting go beyond the first trimester and are amplified (often times causing weight loss and dehydration). People reports that Amy spoke about suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, explaining that she threw up almost every day during pregnancy. "I did Pilates with strong women and went for walks. I threw up violently and felt sick mostly every day of my pregnancy. Hyperemesis gravidarum is real and it's awful. But f---, what they say is true. The second you give birth it's gone," she stated. Schumer goes on to say that what had helped her through it were products made by @thelordjones.

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Continuing her post, Amy Schumer thanks everyone who has been a part of her difficult pregnancy journey, specifically singling out her doula Domino Kirke speaking about how lucky she was to have her. "I was lucky enough to get to have a doula. Her name @domino_kirke @carriagehousebirth," she wrote. She went on to explain that Domino made her and Chris feel very relaxed about the pregnancy because she was there for support and to answer questions every step of the way. Amy highly recommends getting a doula to anyone who is able to because of how much Domino helped the new family of three.

"Women are the sh--", Amy states in her Instagram post. "Men are cool and whatever but women are f------ warriors and capable of anything," Schumer says feeling empowered over the challenges she and other women have faced during pregnancy and delivery. Bringing life into this world is no simple task and Amy, in addition to publicly thanking all the parties involved, sheds light on how much all of the women who have been in her position have sacrificed for their children. Let's face it... it's no easy feat.

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Amy Schumer is so thankful for the journey that has led her to little Gene Attell because as difficult as it was, it was beyond worth it. It was because of the support and guidance she received throughout her pregnancy from Domino as well as doctors, nurses, family, and friends that got her through the process. Now that it's finished and the hyperemesis gravidarum has subsided, Amy and Chris are overjoyed with their new adorable son.

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