Amy Schumer Posts Photo Of Her Pumping Breastmilk To Send Love To Haters

Amy Schumer has shared a picture of herself pumping her breastmilk on Instagram.

Oh, how we love Amy Schumer. She always makes things funny! She had us cracking up basically her entire pregnancy even though her pregnancy was pretty terrible. She was so incredibly sick while she suffered from her hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). HG makes pregnant women extremely sick and they tend to lose weight during the beginning of their pregnancy and most will have to spend some time in the hospital in order to replenish fluids. She had a laughing through it all.

Schumer recently was able to give birth and we were very excited for her! We were so happy that she was able to hold her baby in her arms and we were excited that she didn't have to be pregnant anymore. Schumer gave birth to her baby boy just about 2 weeks ago. However, she wanted to "get back out there" and she chose to do a stand-up 14 days after giving birth. Schumer was mom shamed for returning to work so quickly. People thought that she wasn't being very smart and one commenter even called her "inhumane" for returning to work. Schumer responded to all of the haters by saying, "I have always wanted to be mom-shamed."

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The next day, Schumer snapped a picture of her in her big white underwear, that all new moms know too well, and her breast pump attached to her. She looked tired but had a smile on her face.  Schumer captioned her post by saying, "sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!"

Schumer wanted to share with the haters about how she is nothing that people should be shamed. She is a devoted and caring mother who is working hard to give her son the life that he deserves. Yes, she chose to go back to work "already" but it's not like she is a mountain climber. She didn't go up and do backflips. She literally walked up on a stage and said a few jokes. People need to stop shaming her. Look at this beautiful woman. Deborah Messing was one of the man celebrities who rallied around Schumer to help support her. Messing wrote, "GODDESS" under the picture.

You keep on being you Amy, we love you just the way you are!

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