Amy Schumer's Maternity Photoshoot Was Both Hilarious And Raw

Amy Schumer has been famous for her fearless and unapologetic comedy. So her recent not so conventional and coy pregnancy photo shoot for a New York Times article was no surprise at all! The photo shoot featuring a heavily pregnant Amy running nude through a park chasing ducks is indeed raw, gutsy and audacious.

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She captions the photo on Instagram ‘On a chilly Nola morning it’s best to chase ducks with nothing weighing you down except a baby’. The photo shoot done by @heathersten for the @nytimes on a rainy night is a brazen act. She further adds that the accompanying write up is “Brutally honest" account of her life, relationships, and career and calls it “My favorite kind of honesty.”

The honesty in the photograph definitely comes through. When baby bumps are normally on display, the mother's body is camouflaged with imaginative props so that the entire body is not exposed. However, Amy's snap gives a new bump to her confidence!

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Amy Schumer went through an extremely difficult phase in pregnancy suffering from the rare condition of hyperemesis gravidarum. It got so severe that it had resulted in her being hospitalized which, in turn, had led to a number of canceled tours & work assignments. All that did not deter her free spirit and no wonder why we would not blame her for making the most and baring her soul and body through the liberating photos of her first- time pregnancy.

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One of the photos has her posing in the adorable plunging v-neck dress. This probably is one the most typical of the photo shoot series.

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In the photos, which she made the cover for her posts to her Instagram, she stands nude amidst the forest of trees while holding piles of grass to cover her breasts. Although this might not be so off beat for a maternity photo shoot, the way she poses and her entire styling is done endows the pic with a sense of candid rawness! But since it is professional photography definitely they have to go through the editing table.

On being asked by the New York Time how did she feel about baring it completely, pat came the reply from the 37-year-old comedian, who’s expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer “As someone who has been told a million times they are fat and ugly, it does not matter!” And she’s very excited and eagerly looking forward to meeting her little one, saying, “I think I will experience [some other level of joy] with a baby.”

Amy has been a favorite and this time around her fans are all over in love with her refreshing honesty and originality. The Instagram posts have already attracted nearly 250,000 likes with endearing comments like “You are an inspiration to women everywhere and will be a most excellent mother. Keep rocking the f-out,” While another woman commented, “I just love that you are so true to yourself and don’t care what people think.”

All we can say is Bravo Amy Schumer!

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