Amy Schumer Shares She Is Feeling "Strong And Beautiful" As She Rocks Her Pregnancy Bod

Amy Schumer is rocking her pregnancy body and told us all how beautiful and strong she feels.

Amy Schumer has struggled through this pregnancy. She has certainly not had it easy, but she has tried to smile her way through the entire grueling process. Amy has not been shy about talking about her hardships through her pregnancy. The biggest struggle she has faced has been suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is an illness during pregnancy that causes severe pregnancy sickness. HG goes way beyond the common (morning sickness) and usually consists of throwing up multiple times a day, every day, through most of the pregnancy. Even with women who suffer from HG find some relief during the second trimester, but Schumer has suffered this entire time and she is well into her third trimester.

Schumer snapped a selfie picture depicting her thoughts about her pregnancy. All she is wearing is a sports bra and underwear and she says that she is feeling "strong and beautiful." It was such a raw picture that all mothers can totally relate. All pregnant women should always feel strong and beautiful for bringing life into this world. She then followed up her post with a hashtag #didntpuke.

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The 'didn't puke' hashtag is extremely relevant to her health struggles. She is familiar with puking every single day that it's a milestone if she misses a puking episode. Her HG was so intense and severe that she had to cancel her comedy tour. She was pretty bummed that she would have to cancel the tour because she really does love doing her tour and she "really likes making money," but it wasn't deemed safe for her to fly. Her doctors wouldn't clear her to fly, so she had to stay put. The people who had already bought tickets were upset that they would be missing her show, but they also understood why she wouldn't be able to attend.

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Although Schumer has been super sick and it feels as if she hasn't been healthy at all, she is actually healthy. Her baby is doing great and is progressing as a baby should. Schumer has spent nights in the hospital to get fluids, but her baby has always been thumping along. Schumer continues to remind us that her baby is healthy and that is all that matters.

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