An Unexpected Lesson For Pregnant Mothers From "Killing Eve"

Killing Eve has become a wildly successful TV show in just a short period of time. The thriller has received a ton of critical and fan praise, and has won several awards and nominations. All of this has been achieved after just two seasons, which is truly amazing. But Killing Eve isn't just an entertaining show; it's surprisingly informative, too. Of course, being the quirky show that it is, one such fact it presented was delightfully odd.

In one episode, character Jess is heavily pregnant at the time. During a scene with fellow character Eve, Jess bites into something, only to suddenly cry out in pain. After Eve asks what happened, Jess says it's her teeth, adding, “Did you know that babies literally steal the calcium from your teeth?"

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This may sound a bit far-fetched, but it's true! Studies have shown that babies do leech calcium from their mothers while in the womb. This occurs if the mom-to-be isn't consuming enough calcium in their diet. Pregnant women are always told to monitor their calcium intake because the consequence of not doing so can cause health issues. As a result, calcium deficiency, numb fingers, will most likely occur to the affected mom-to-be if her levels are too low.

So, how can a pregnant woman prevent themselves from feeling Jess' pain? The most important thing is to know just how much calcium you need to consume on a daily basis. Most health experts agree that 1000 milligrams of calcium should be your goal- even if you're not pregnant. Of course, consuming more than that doesn't hurt. The best way to achieve this is by eating a lot of calcium-heavy foods. Dairy is an obvious choice, but don't limit yourself to just that food group for calcium consumption. Arugula, bread with fortified flour, kale, sardines, soy, and watercress are all great food choices, too. Finally, pay attention to your body in case you develop any of the aforementioned symptoms of calcium deficiency.

Being pregnant can present some potential health risks. Some are ones that you may have heard of and expected; others could very well be unpredictable. Regardless of your situation, the most important thing to remember is to take great care of your body during your pregnancy. This will benefit you and your baby, ensuring that you're both as healthy as can be.

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