'Dateline's' Andrea Canning Gushes About Her Daughters' Reactions To Their New Baby Brother

Andrea Canning, a famous journalist for Dateline, shares her joy when witnessing her five daughters meet their newborn baby brother for the first time.

Baby George "Tripp" Anthony, who is now four-weeks-old, is constantly surrounded by love and attention as the five "little mommies" are constantly wanting to feed him, hold him, and change his diaper.

When bringing a new baby home, most people have to deal with jealousy from older siblings for losing mom and dad's attention. Canning, 46, says that she is so beyond happy that Tripp has five doting older sisters but at the same time she didn't expect the fighting that would come along with the new addition.

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"The jealousy actually comes from within them," Canning tells People in an exclusive interview.

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Canning's daughters- Elle Corbin, 4, Georgia Rapalje, 5, Christine Margaret, 6, Charlotte Brewster, 9, and Anna Katherine, 10- certainly don't take a moment's rest arguing over whose turn it is to give their brother attention.

"Every chance they get, they want to be around him," Canning says. Anna especially has shown a liking towards her new brother, as being the oldest has given her more opportunities to hold and care for him.

In the interview with People, Canning says that Anna, who is typically a social butterfly, is spending more time with her new baby brother than with her friends, which is unusual for her. With their bond getting stronger by the day, not just with Anna but with all of the girls, the mom of six couldn't be happier.

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The correspondent also talks about her husband, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Tony Bancroft, and how excited he is to have a son after five beautiful daughters.

Calling him "the best dad ever", Canning says that "just the way he looks at him is so special." In addition to doing his part in the nighttime feeds and changes, Bancroft seems to be developing his own special bond with his son and Canning says that he may have a golf partner in the future.

With their new bundle of joy certainly not lacking in the love department, we couldn't be happier for the not-so-little family as they embark on this new journey together. Canning couldn't be more proud of her daughters for their unconditional acceptance of their brother and her heart is so full. How she manages six children is still a mystery but by the love her daughters show, she is definitely doing it right.

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