Andrew Glennon Claims Ex Amber Portwood Abused Their Son Amid Custody Battle

Things are getting really, really messy between Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood as they fight for custody of their 1-year old son James.

BabyGaga recently reported that Amber officially filed a motion to prevent Andrew from relocating to California from Indiana with their child. Amber currently only has visitation rights with James and is not allowed any contact with her ex-boyfriend following their domestic dispute over a month ago.

She is facing three felonies as a result. Andrew already filed a notice of intent to move, but Amber has made it clear she’s not going down without a fight.

It seems like the exes are getting ready to pull out all of the punches, especially based on Andrew’s recent accusations. Andrew has already made a slur of claims against his ex, including that she’s doing drugs and was abusive to him. Amber has likewise made a variety of claims, such as insinuating Andrew was unfaithful. But Andrew is now claiming that Amber has been abusive towards their infant son.

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The Teen Mom star took to his Instagram story to share the allegations. Not only did he say Amber was physically abusive towards him and James, but that she never wanted to be pregnant in the first place. Yikes! “She wasn’t taking her medication, she attacked my son and I on more than one occasion, and I pray she gets the help she needs,” he wrote,  The Ashley reports.

Andrew continued. “She would lock herself in her closet until 6 a.m. smoking weed, listening to music and taking hydrocodone […] Every day I was ripped into emotionally…” Later in the post, he added, “And [James] being shoved over flat on his back on a tile floor for opening cabinets. Or being thrown on the bed for crying…”

He went on to say Amber never wanted a second child to begin with (she already has 10-year old daughter Leah with her ex Gary Shirley). “If anyone was set up it was James,” Andrew wrote. “He never stood a chance at having a mother. His birth was a burden and a source of misery from the start.

“[Amber said], ‘I never wanted another baby. I’m 29 years old and should be out having fun! This isn’t the life I wanted to live! You’ve ruined everything!’… [I heard that] daily,” the father-of-one continued. “This little man is the source of all of my joy in life. It used to be split evenly, but I cannot control other people’s actions or emotions. I had no control of that decision, my family was broken without my say so.”

Andrew went on to defend himself, explaining he tried to get his ex-girlfriend help on many occasions but that he ultimately has to prioritize his son’s well being. “I made cries for help to her doctor, her brother, her family, MTV, and it landed on sympathetic but deaf ears,” he wrote. He added, “[She had] a total loss of control, but she’s stated her mental illness played no part in the attack, so I don’t know what to think anymore. My nerves are raw but I keep it together for the security and well-being of baby James.”

Though Amber has not publicly responded to Andrew’s claims (likely because of the no-contact order that’s in place), she did do an Instagram live session on Friday and her comments seemed directed at her baby daddy.

“I can’t say anything, but I know DAMN well that I am not going to be […] slammed in the media any […] moreover this nasty, nasty, nasty man,” she yelled to the camera.  Amber later added, “I’m not playing ANY.MORE. It will all come out, and God that will embarrass him and his family.”

It remains to be seen who will be awarded custody of baby James and if Andrew will be granted permission to move out of state with the boy. BabyGaga will keep you updated as this story progressed.

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