Andy Cohen Celebrates His Baby Boy Turning Six Months Old

Andy Cohen celebrates his son's half birthday by sharing a sweet photo of the two on Instagram.

Has it really been six months already since Andy Cohen's son was born? On February 24, Andy Cohen's son Benjamin was born via surrogacy. For the last six months, he has been rocking being a single dad and he has shared with us a lot of relatable posts about being a father. He has been dad shamed for many of his pictures by all of the "perfect parents" out there and he has fought through all of the negativity because he knows that they are just haters and he is doing such a great job. Cohen has admitted that being a single father is a lot of work and that his son does take a lot of work but Benjamin is so worth it. He has also shared that he definitely wants to have a sibling for Benjamin eventually.

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Cohen wanted to help celebrate his son's half birthday by sharing a sweet picture of the two on his Instagram. The picture shows Cohen laying back on the chair while holding his son against his knees. The two are smiling at each other. It is simply adorable and we are so in love with the sweet photo. Cohen has loved to watch his son meet his milestones and to watch him grow up and learn new things. He is excited to watch his son grow up and to learn about the world around him.

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6 months old today! ♥️🎉

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Of course, Cohen's journey of Fatherhood has not been all smiles. Parenthood is a lot of fun and full of moments that make life better but it is also full of a lot of trials. Cohen shares that he can really get overwhelmed by fatherhood sometimes but he has learned ways to handle the emotions. Cohen admits that before he became a father he was labeled a really big party guy. However, all of that has changed and he now doesn't want to go out to party after a successful show. He wants to go home and see his son. Now, he is at home every night. He says that a "night out" for him now is dinner at 8:00.

Happy Half Birthday little Benjamin! We are excited to see you grow up and see how much you will change over the months and the years!

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