Yet Again, Andy Cohen Dad Shamed, This Time For Letting Dog Sniff Baby's Nose

Andy Cohen has been dad shamed yet again. This time, because he let his dog sniff his son's nose.


Andy Cohen welcomed his son, Benjamin on February 4. His son was born by the use of a surrogate. Cohen was so excited to be able to be a dad and raise his beautiful baby boy Benjamin. However, he wasn't really expecting to be criticized for so many things that he is doing wrong. He feels like he literally can't do anything right, because parents are constantly giving him advice, being haters, and complaining about what he is doing with his son.

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The most recent dad shaming was when Andy Cohen took a picture of his dog Wacha sniffing his son's nose. Most normal people would just tell him that it was cute, but instead many people took their opportunity to tell Cohen that he was doing something wrong. They told him that it isn't wise for him to have his son be licked by his dog, because of all the germs. People talked about how dangerous dogs can be and it's not safe to have them around.


Cohen was a little frustrated by these whiny comments, because many people were asking how his dog was handling the new baby boy. So, he was just giving the people what he thought they wanted. Andy Cohen was also shamed when he brought his son on a plane when he was only a few days old. Many people told him it wasn't safe, it would hurt the babies ears, and the shaming goes on. He also shared a very precious (and obviously staged photo) of his son in his crib. Instead of people just saying, "he is so precious" people started jumping at the chance to complain about crib safety. The haters started talking about the pillows, the blankets, that sheets weren't tight enough and even the crib was too big. Thankfully, many sane fans told Andy Cohen to ignore his haters and just to enjoy his baby.

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Cohen said that he believes that many of his commenters are just waiting for him to just post a picture of his son, so that they can jump and give him advice. He doesn't need your advice. Leave the poor man alone! He has only been a dad for two weeks and he now understand what it's like to be a first time parent where every single person thinks that they know how to raise kids better than you. Everybody is going to always have their opinions. Many people aren't afraid to share their opinion as fact. Just ignore these people and enjoy being a parent. The kids grow up so quickly, so don't waste any feelings on the haters.

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