Andy Cohen Shares New Baby Photo That Makes His Son Look Just Like The '40-Year-Old Virgin'

By now, we all know that Andy Cohen’s pride and joy is his young son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, born on February 4 via surrogate. The Bravo host has shared endless pics of his baby on Instagram, where Benjamin can often be seen smiling, no doubt as happy with his dad as his dad is with him.

On Wednesday, Cohen, 50, shared a hilarious picture of Benjamin wearing a strangely familiar retro onesie. The top was reminiscent of the polo Steve Carell wore in the poster for one of his biggest hits, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” The host seemed to agree, captioning the photo, “The 40-Day-Old Virgin,” although, to be accurate, Benjamin is now more than 50 days old.

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“The 40-Day-Old Virgin”

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In the next shot, we see that Benjamin and Steve not only share a similar striped shirt, but also the same sweet smile. Unfortunately, as with many of Cohen’s recent actions as a father, some had to criticize the new dad. One blogger thought is was inappropriate to use the word “virgin” when describing a baby, though she clearly missed the point of the caption.

Cohen is famous for being a pop culture junkie, and any reference to a film or tv star has no devious intent behind it. Like any proud dad, the host enjoys sharing cute pics of his son, which don’t need to be psychoanalyzed or taken out of context.

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First Overalls! (He looks like a literal doll)

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As a single, working dad, Cohen has obviously considered his decision to have a child carefully. He worked with an organization that helps singles and couples find egg donors and surrogates. He has said that he will be “forever indebted” to his surrogate, who is from California, for giving him the “ultimate gift.”

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The process was not easy since surrogacy is illegal in many states, including New York. After finding a suitable surrogate, Cohen accompanied her on the journey until his son was born. He was by her said when she gave birth and cut the umbilical cord. He first noticed that Benjamin was born with a full head of hair, similar to his own. He added that the baby didn’t cry for his first two hours, remaining calm and with his eyes wide open. Strangely, the experience left the talk show host speechless.

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