Television Host Andy Cohen Is Set To Be A Father

Something is in the water over at the Bravo television station. Maybe it's the bevy of biological clocks ticking away or perhaps it's due to something else. Regardless, the station is churning out baby divas like it's nobody's business.

And from the looks of things, there seems to be no end in sight.

Via people.com

A brand new baby will soon be joining the Bravo brood, and it is not because of a pregnant Shah of Sunset, and not because of a Real Housewife. This baby will get to call the man behind the station's reunions and Watch What Happens Live daddy.

Andy Cohen, the man behind some of reality television's most entertaining drama, is set to become a proud papa in about six weeks! The television producer, New York Times bestselling author and beloved talk show host revealed the big news Thursday night in front of a gaggle of notorious housewives like Vicki Gunvalson, Ramona Singer, NeNe Leakes, Kyle Richards, and Teresa Giudice. Cohen, age 50, has always prided himself on being upfront, honest and transparent regarding his feelings and about particular events occurring in his life. This quality is partly what makes him such a fabulous and engaging host for the Bravo network. In the spirit of honesty and the holidays, Cohen felt that this stage was the perfect space to let fans and viewers know about this exciting, upcoming chapter in his life.

A surrogate is carrying his baby and giving him something that he has longed for forever. Cohen has always spoken out about the importance of family. Thanks to science, deliberation, and support, his greatest dream will soon become his greatest reality.

Mazel Tov Andy and good luck at picking one of your Housewife divas to be the Godmother to your future son or daughter. THAT will surely be a catfight worth televising. We can't wait to meet your beautiful son or daughter in the upcoming months. From the recent baby boom that has exploded over at the Bravo station, we are sure that baby Cohen will have plenty of baby friends to hang out with when papa is hosting his reunion shows.


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