Andy Cohen Suggests He’s Ready For Another Baby Since Benjamin 'Needs A Sibling'

Cohen has once again revealed that he would like to have more children!

Andy Cohen stopped in to visit Hoda Kotb on Today With Hoda & Jenna. Cohen talked a little bit about his handsome Benjamin. Hoda was jokingly suggesting that her daughter should be set up with Benjamin. She asked Cohen "Does he need someone to go through life with?" Cohen went on to talk about his son and explained what life is like as a single father to a little boy and then he goes on to talk about the possibility of expanding his family. He said, "Yes, he needs a girlfriend, and he needs a sibling,'' Cohen said. "I think maybe he does. I'm taking it one step at a time." Cohen is certainly open to the idea of having more child so that his son won't be the only child.

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Kotb recently adopted her daughter from an agency and she said that the agency she worked through made sure parents waited until they had the child for at least 9 months before being allowed to adopt again. She said that is how it works in the real world and the agency wants to make sure parents are sure about adopting another child. Apparently parents get anxious to adopt another kid right away before their kid even gets old enough to really be difficult. Cohen admitted that his son isn't moving yet but he will start crawling soon and that will certainly make things more difficult for him.

Cohen had always wanted to have a family but was really a party guy. He would stay out late and people knew him as somebody who always just wanted to have a good time. He welcomed his first child, Benjamin, back in February and his whole life has changed. He said that he no longer likes going out on the town with his friends after a show and he just wants to go home to his son. He shared that being a single father certainly has its challenges and it has been a lot harder than he thought it was going to be. He sometimes gets really tired and worn out, but he wouldn't change it for the world. He loves his son so much and he has loved his new life with his son.

Thankfully Cohen has been sharing his journey on social media and we have loved watching Cohen interact with his son and we have loved watching Benjamin get bigger and start hitting milestones. Of course, when parents are active on social media they are often victims of parent shaming. Cohen has certainly had his fair chair of dad-shaming. He was shamed for taking Ben on a plane and even letting his dog get close to Benjamin when he was a baby. Sadly that is what you get whenever you share something on social media. The perfect parents come out to criticize!

We would love to see little Benjamin have siblings so we are excited to see when Cohen decides to have more children!

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