10 Animal-Inspired Baby Names (That Work For People!)

Baby names may be passed down within families, thought of randomly or taken from somewhere else entirely. A name could be discovered through a book, on a movie or a television series, by meeting someone new or while out in the world. And one unique place to find the perfect name is in the animal kingdom.

The 10 names that are listed out for everyone to browse through, down below, are all inspired by cuddly creatures and adorable animals. Some are common names, others are a bit more original, and all of them are great options to keep in mind when it comes to this big decision!

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10 Colt

A colt is a young male horse, as well as a name for a baby boy. It is short and crisp, giving it a strong and succinct feeling.

Horses are majestic creatures and quite popular, as well, so it would be nice to take inspiration from them when naming a child. Families who own horses, like Western movies or ride competitively may want to definitely consider this option, but it could work for one and all, as a nice naming option. 

9 Fawn

A fawn is a young deer, and this is a good option for a baby girl. It is another one-syllable name, and it has a feminine feel to it, as well as a magical and fantasy-like vibe, too, which is fun.

Many people admire deer, as they are cute and athletic animals, and many people search for one-of-a-kind baby names. That being said, Fawn is a wonderful way to show off a love of nature and show off a unique name. Just look at this image... What is not to adore?!

8 Sable

A sable is a marten that has a short tail and brown fur, and a marten is an animal that is like a weasel. These creatures are known for and sought out for their fur.

The name Sable has a sort of vintage vibe to it, and since people wear furs, it has a glam and fashionable feel to it, as well. A little princess, dressed in a super trendy way, could easily pull off this very original name!

7 Buck

The male version of some horned animals, such as deer and antelopes, is known as a buck, and this is the next name suggestion on this list.

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Just as a male animal is strong and powerful, so is this choice; a tough and bold little boy could be given this name and could keep its origin in mind while going about life. Names are important, after all, and people like to know the meanings and origins behind them... and this is a good one!

6 Phoenix


A phoenix is not a real animal, but it deserves a mention; it is a mythological bird that rises from its own ashes, as seen in works such as the Harry Potter books and movies. That incredible idea alone is a reason to keep this name in mind when choosing one for a child.

Phoenix is also a name that would work for a boy or a girl, as a way to show off a passion for nature, mythology or a certain form of entertainment, like these popular and magical novels and films.

5 Lark

A real bird with a pretty name is a lark, and this is a small songbird that lives on the ground, that has shades of browns in it coloring, that has a crest and that has long back claws.

There are so many birds in the world, and these are incredible creatures. Therefore, naming a baby after one is a brilliant idea, and this option would, again, work for either gender or even a middle name.

4 Raven

A raven is a crow, so it is known for its black coloring, as well as for its smarts. It is a very known bird that can be very inspirational, including when on this topic.

That being said, this is definitely a name to consider; a baby girl with this name may turn out to be known for her brain, too, which is always a good thing. Furthermore, this is a good way to honor a Disney star, for any fans of That’s So Raven!

3 Sparrow

A sparrow is a small bird that usually has brown and gray coloring on it, and yes, it is another bird-inspired name to consider.

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This has an original and a sort of artistic vibe to it, and it would be great for a one-of-a-kind girl who has a vibrant wardrobe and a colorful nursery. It has a sort of regal feel to it, also, which is another reason to love it. 

2 Wren

A wren is another small bird, it also has brown on it, and it, too, sings. And wouldn't this make such a cool name? 

A baby boy or a baby girl could be gifted with this special one, and obviously, bird-lovers can consider it. Those who have heard it in other places, such as on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, may opt for it. And people who are just hearing it for the first time may fall in love and save it for future use, as well.

1 Drake

A drake is a male duck, and it is the final suggestion on this list of names inspired by creatures that can be found out in the world.

It is another bird-related name (There are quite a few of these... Who knew?!). It is a strong male name. It is one that could work as a middle name, as well. It is also found in popular culture, like the popular rapper of the same name. And it is an attractive suggestion to consider! Plus, remember that there are no rules for names: This could be given to a little girl, as well. 

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