Anne Hathaway Takes Royal Parenting Advice From The Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Anne Hathaway had her first child in 2017, and in that time she took some child-rearing tips from the most recognizable parents in the world — Prince William and Kate Middleton, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

"They get down on the child’s level and speak to them eye to eye to make their child feel empowered," said Hathaway in an interview with Sunday Times Style. "I thought that was really cool. I started doing that with Jonathan."

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This parenting style is known as "active listening," and The Center Of Parenting Education says it's one of the most important tools parents can utilize in their day-to-day interactions. Crouching down, listening, and giving the child an ability to make some decisions goes a long way in the mental health of a child and makes them feel more empowered over their lives.  Not only that, but this parenting method gives your kid the feeling that you're on their side, which will help build a more trusting relationship. It's also important to remember that "active listening" requires parents to resist correcting the child, instead, they should provide a judgment-free zone to allow your child to go through their emotions. This is actually a method taught for conflict resolution among adults as well. The basic premise suggests the listener needs to completely focus, remember, respond to what's being said to them.

Interestingly enough, when Prince William started implementing this parenting technique, he was scolded by Queen Elizabeth II, who saw this as quite the breach of Royal Etiquette, according to Daily Mail. Clearly, grandma's rules don't matter too much for the possible future King of England, as world leaders like Barak Obama have been seen squatting to speak to the tiny royals.

Hathaway gave birth to her son Jonathan in 2016, so she, along with her husband, Adam Shulman, will probably implement this method more and more as her boy grows up.

That's not the only change Hathway has made as she navigates the waters of motherhood. Apparently, the star has also given up drinking while Jonathan lives in the house. During an interview on Ellen, the actress explained that after she dropped Jonathan following a night of drinking, she did some reflecting. The experience was bad enough that she decided to swear off the drink, both for her own sake but for her child's benefit as well as you never know when your little one will need you in the night. Having a toddler is no easy task, so we've got to give her props for that decision.


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