Another Baby Boom! 11 Ohio Labor and Delivery Nurses Pregnant

Hospital has an 11 nurse baby boom at a hospital in Ohio!


We have seen quite a bit of baby booms across the nation in the last couple of months. Baby booms have popped up in hospitals, among the teachers at an elementary school, and even wives of firefighters at a fire station!  We always love to see baby booms, because we love to see happy and beautiful pregnant women! Another baby boom has surfaced, this time at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

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At the Miami Valley Hospital, 11 labor and delivery nurses are all pregnant! They became pregnant all around the same time and they are all expecting to deliver their babies in the next few months.  All of the women seem to be doing well and all of their pregnancies have thankfully been healthy. They are all hoping that they will have 11 beautiful babies to show!

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All of the women are very excited to be able to watch all of the babies grow. One of the women mentioned that she is having her first child and so it will be nice to have women around who can help give her parenting and pregnancy advice. It is very comforting for her to know that she is not alone. The women have enjoyed talking about their experiences throughout their pregnancies and they have enjoyed swapping stories. The women like having somebody there who can sympathize with them through their pregnancy trials.  One of the women said that it has been really crazy that all of her coworkers and another woman said that it was very exciting. Ultimately they are all very excited to be able to give birth around their coworkers and they will know the nurses that help them deliver their baby!

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Congratulations to all of the women at the hospital on their upcoming babies! We hope that we get to see all of the pictures of the babies when they are born! We hope the nurses continue to have healthy pregnancies and then have healthy babies!

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