Another Storm Warning While 'Blizzard Baby' Turns One

The "Blizzard Baby" was born during a blizzard last year and now there will be another blizzard for his first birthday.


Last year, Alyssa Champagne, had one of the most eventful moments of her life. Not just because her baby was born, but because it was during a massive Blizzard. Champagne remembers that her son did not do for another two weeks. When she started having contractions she knew it was time to go to the hospital, but the snow was already at around one foot high and there was no visibility. They couldn't see anything more than five feet in front of the vehicle. While they were getting ready for the hospital, Alyssa's husband, Jason kept on saying "I just remember looking outside, and I'm like, are you kidding me? We're going to leave right now?" However, they didn't have much choice. They needed to get to the hospital.

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They made it to the hospital, but it took them three hours to get there. They were blessed that they got there safely. Their son was healthy and everybody started calling him the "Blizzard Baby." The "Blizzard Baby" is now a one-year-old. Champagne says that on the news they have warned everybody about the winter warning and blizzard advisories. She says that at first, she was very upset, but then she found humor in the announcement. She said, 'then they started calling it blizzard conditions, and I'm like wow, deja vu! Of course! Here we are again, so it's kind of funny."


The family was going to plan a normal first birthday party, but then she has changed it to be a sledding birthday party instead! She said that in future years she is going to have to always plan a back up for his birthdays because obviously, their son is just going to always bring on the snow! The family thinks that it is extremely cute that their son is known as the "Blizzard Baby." And they have embraced that nickname.

We hope that the family continues to update us about the little "Blizzard Baby" and we would love to be able to watch him grow up!

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