Anti-Bullying Commercial Had Me Stunned! So Powerful!

This commercial takes place in an office. Where one taller man starts to bully another man that is getting something to drink. He starts off with calling him names and eventually becomes physical and pushes him down. Another person, a woman, is in the office lunch room and is clearly witnessing this and yet stays quiet. When the authority figure appears, the boss in this case, he simply asks them to stop horsing around and to get back to work. At the end a message says that this is a recreation of something that did happen to a child in school. 

Looking at adults behaving this way has many people shocked. Most of us would have stood up or even fired or started an investigation on the taller man. If it is not acceptable for adults, it is not acceptable for kids! 

What a great way to change or make us see what bullying is. 

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