Anti-Vax Parents Blast Doctor Online Who Insisted Their Son Get A Tetanus Shot

An anti-vax parent is being trolled on social media after publishing a post showing anger for the doctor who recommended giving their son a tetanus shot.

A Facebook post featuring the parents giving the camera the middle finger and taking a dig at the doctors by sharing a lengthy caption alongside went viral. The same post was shared on Reddit, and the parents are being showered with criticism throughout. The post described how the couple went to the doctor after their son got hurt after falling in the playground. The problem arose when the doctor suggested giving their son a tetanus shot after questioning his vaccination history. "We were questioned about our vaccine choices," the post caption reads. The parents took the guidance as an offense, and even after the doctor’s repeatedly insisted, they refused to agree to a tetanus shot.

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Taking into consideration their vaccination history, the doctor applied precautions with gloves and gowns so that they wouldn't infect others. "Six hours into our visit we were 'isolated' in a room with gowns and gloves so we don't 'infect' any of the immunocompromised patients," the caption continued. "[Eyeroll emoji] is our response." They further clarified that their child is now recovering after undergoing surgery. The couple accepted this interpretation in a cynical manner and spread it through Facebook.

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Once the post went viral on Reddit, users started offering varied responses and demanded that the couple should be taught a lesson. Some of the interesting responses were: "So lemme get this right, they’ll let their child be anesthetized for surgery but they won’t let it have vaccines?" wondered a commenter. "Oof, some strong logic here." "Why even bother going to the hospital if they don't believe in medicine?" another commented. “Imagine knowing the symptoms of tetanus and deciding that it's ok and worth the risk ... " wrote another.

Vaccinations provide immunity against various fatal diseases and should be taken very seriously. According to research, almost 45% of adult Americans doubt vaccinations and tend to be anti-vax. But, some diseases demand a vast population to be immunized to prevent their spread. "Some diseases, like measles, require as much as 95 percent of the population to be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity," says osteopathic family physician Paul Ehrmann, DO.

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The Mayo Clinic reports that cases of tetanus have been substantially reduced in the US after the introduction of the tetanus vaccine. However, the disease will remain a threat to people who are not punctual with their vaccine appointments. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US has had 1,250 cases of measles in 2019, marking it the largest outbreak since 1992. Anti-vaxxers may exist in certain pockets of the US, but from the feedback to this particular post, it can be expected that science will soon win.

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