Anti-Vaxx Parent Is Blaming Her Child's Passing On The Vaccine Invented To Protect Her

Warning: This article may contain information that some people find upsetting.

The mom of a recently deceased child is claiming that her death was due to the fact she caved and got her an MMR vaccine a week prior.

Despite the fact we are almost a fifth of the way into the 21st century, we are still fighting the frankly baffling battle between parents who vaccinate their children, and those who don't. There are a number of reasons why anti-vaxxers believe vaccinating their children will do more harm than good, most of which are rooted in studies and research that were proved to be wrong and unfounded years ago.

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Many people point and laugh at anti-vaxxers. However, their unwillingness to vaccinate their children is an incredibly serious matter. Not only are they putting their own child in danger, but also the health and lives of other children who live nearby. Some children are too young/simply unable to be vaccinated. Those kids rely on others who can be vaccinated to create herd immunity.

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One anti-vaxx mom recently discovered the potential consequences of not vaccinating her children in the worst way possible. The passing of her daughter. A Facebook post by the mom that was added to Reddit revealed that the mom is blaming her daughter's death on her family who continually pressed her to let her child have the MMR vaccine.

"She died last week after contracting the measles she got from the MMR vaccine," the mom wrote. As if that statement alone wasn't unbelievable enough, what we have assumed is one of those aforementioned family members has replied with what is allegedly the even more baffling truth. That after the mom's daughter contracted measles, she decided to take her to be vaccinated.

The family member claims that when the little one first contracted measles, her mom tried to cure her with "essential oils." Eventually, the mom revealed she was taking her daughter to the doctor and the family thought that was the end of it. However, rather than getting her daughter treated for the measles she already had, she asked for her to be vaccinated. Whatever happened, and whatever the thinking was behind the decisions made, the prevention of a vaccination led to the death of a child, something that just isn't okay at any point in time, but especially in 2019.

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