New App Helps Single Parents Connect With Others In Area

Woman creates an app to help single parents find other single parents in their area.


One woman shares her experience as a single mother. Being a single mother was certainly not what she had in mind. She was in the middle of a dissertation at the London College of Fashion. She was working really hard and she had just gone through a very painful and traumatic break-up. She was a little broken which led to a brief (rebound) fling that actually ended up in her becoming pregnant. It took her a couple of days after figuring out that she was pregnant to decide that she was going to keep her daughter. She was going to become a mother. This wasn't how she planned to become a mother. She thought she would meet the perfect man, get married, and have children together. While she was pregnant she imagined that her life would include cooking, playing, dancing, drawing and enjoying being mother and daughter. However, the first year of her daughter's life was one of the loneliest times of her life. She longed for adult company. She couldn't find an app that would help her look for other single parents.

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Zoe Desmond is a single mother of a cute little boy. She decided that she wanted to create an app where she was not only meeting people who were men but also other single mom's to communicate with. She wasn't finding what she was looking for so she created an app called Frolo. Frolo allows single parents to meet other single parents in their area.

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Being a single mother is very lonely and Desmond didn't want other mothers to be lonely. Everybody needs to have friends and needs to communicate with people who are in the same position. Not only did she want to help single mothers find a place to look for dating, but she also wanted people to find friends. Becoming a parent is very difficult because you have a vision about what parenthood is going to be like and then it is actually much different. Your life isn't filled with cuddles, playing and smiles. There are a lot of tears, a lot of times where you wish that you could just run away and there are just some dark days. Frolo will hopefully help single parents find their tribe and help them through their dark days.

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Hopefully, the Frolo app can help single parents meet friends and help them find people that they are interested in dating who share some of their same life experiences.

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